Messy Hair

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Koz's Messy Hair

Victoria 3 with Luna mat wearing Messy Hair
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Koz's Messy Hair is a short hairdo (something of a cross between a bob cut and a shag cut), created by Kozaburo. It has fits for Michael 1-2, MGPS, MGPT, P4 Woman, P5 Judy, Victoria 1-2, and Victoria 3.

There is an "inverted" version of the hairdo available on the same page.

Free resources for Messy Hair include:


AnimeDoll Hair Fits
Hair Fit - The Kids 4 - Kozaburo Messy hair
Hairs fits for Sadie,Kozaburo hairs,Kozaburo-hairs
Koshini Hair Fits
MayaDoll Hair Fits
Messy Hair++
adds fit morphs for Victoria 4, Michael 4, and Apollo Maximus, styling morphs, movement morphs, and adjustment morphs
Pneuma's Hair Fits Volume 1
fits for Aiko 3 and Hiro 3
DSB format:
PZ2 format:
Teresa Hair Fits


Celebration 08 - Day 24 - X-Mas for Koz Hair Bundl
Fantasy textures for Kozaburo's Messy Hair
Kozaburo Messy Hair
~ MessyHair ~
MessyHair - natural blonde OR (bottom of page)
Messy Hair Streaks
12 streaky hair textures see promos here begins on tenth row, fourth and fifth columns, look for files starting with Messy-hair
Natural Hair Colors for Kozaburo's Messy Hair
Real textures for Kozaburo's Messy Hair