Michael 4 Lores Weight Mapped

This resource is usable in Poser only
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Download Links
Main Site:https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0B9_I3V6UTuuXbUVlV1NrYUY0Qzg
Other Information
License:"As long as you give credit and RTE encode the results to protect DAZ' intellectual property, you are allowed and even encouraged to freely share any modified versions and improvements you make of this file. This also applies to using the weightmaps as a starting point for weightmapping regular M4. But your modifications have to stay free, just as this original file, and this ReadMe has to be included."
Needed:Michael 4
andPoser 10 / PoserPro 2014

M4-17k-WM is a weight-mapped version of the 17k LOD mesh version of Michael 4, made by JoePublic for Poser 10 and PoserPro 2014.

You need RTEncoder and Michael 4 in order to decode the download.