Millennium Baby 3

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Millennium Baby 3
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Millennium Baby 3 is the human infant character in DAZ3D's "Generation 3" figure selection. The little tyke is not a free character; one can purchase a copy of the figure from DAZ3D.

The list of links provided here is based on the list of freebies for Millennium Baby 3 as it existed on on August 25, 2013. It was originally posted here by the maintainer of that list. However, this list has diverged from, and is more current than, the list found on the DAZ3D forum.

Some items on these lists have multiple URLs. Unless otherwise indicated, these are multiple sources for the content; you only need to download from one URL.

Free resources for Millennium Baby 3 include:




Some morphs may requires the (paid) Chubblies morph pack.

Materials and Shaders[edit]

Quoting from MilBaby3's product page, "The Millennium Baby 3.0 is not compatible with other Millennium 3 Figure Textures."


Resources for Paid Hair[edit]