Millennium Catwoman v1.2

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Millennium Catwoman v1.2
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Creator:Little Dragon
Needed:Victoria 1-2
andMillennium Cat
andObjaction Mover 1.01

Millennium Catwoman v1.2 is a character made up of the Millennium Cat (head) and Victoria 1-2 (body), designed by Little Dragon. The object file has been encoded with Objaction Mover 1.01 and the geometry file has an extension of .pcf. Little Dragon encoded the object twice so you will have to follow the directions on what prerequisite you need to decode against first and second. He also created a body texture that matches the Red tabby Millennium Cat texture included in Classic Cats 1 (no longer available).

Free resources for Millennium Catwoman v1.2 include:
MilCatwoman Red Tabby Texture