Millennium Dragon

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Millennium Dragon

Mil Dragon textured with Lyrra Madril (Twelve Colors for the DAZ Millenium Dragon - diamond texture)
Download Links
Main Site:Millennium Dragon 2.0 non-free content
Second Site:Ultimate Millennium Dragon Bundle non-free content
Third Site:Millennium Dragon non-free content
andMillennium Dragon 2.0 Upgrade non-free content
Other Information
License:Daz Productions, Inc. End User License Agreement

Millennium Dragon is a western-style winged dragon figure. It is not free, one can purchase a copy from DAZ3D.

The download includes both the original Millennium Dragon and the Millennium Dragon 2.0, which share the same UV map.

Free resources for Millennium Dragon include:


Using the DAZ Millennium Dragon


Millennium Dragon Basic Motions
video tutorial


Battle Bonanza Millennium Dragon 2 Update
Draconium - The King
Draconium - The Slave
Draconium - The warrior


DAZ Millenium[sic] Dragon - Red Dragon Texture
Fantasy dragon for Millennium Dragon
purple-green texture
FL Mil-Dragon
jeweled red texture
Green Dragon for DAZ's LE Millenium[sic] Dragon
Textures compatible with standard Millennium Dragon (1st download)
{HDC} Black Dragon
{HDC} Red Dragon skin
Midnight - Textures for DAZ Dragon
Millenium[sic] Dragon - Black Dragon Texture
Millenium[sic] Dragon - Blue Dragon
Millenium[sic] Dragon - Green Dragon
Millenium[sic] Dragon - White Dragon
Red Dragon
Twelve Colors for the DAZ Millenium Dragon


Battle Bonanza Millennium Dragon 2 Update