Mitsu Hair for Aiko

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Mitsu Hair for Aiko

Mitsu Hair
Download Links
Main Site:Mitsu Hair for Aiko non-free content
Second Site:Anime Star Fighter non-free content
Third Site:3D Starter Bundle - SciFi non-free content
Other Information
Creator:3D Universe
License:Daz Productions, Inc. End User License Agreement
Needed:Aiko 3 or Hiro 3

Mitsu Hair for Aiko is a long hairdo for Aiko 3, created by 3D Universe. It also fits Hiro 3.

The hairdo is not free; it is available for purchase at DAZ3D, either on its own or as part of the Anime Star Fighter Bundle or 3D Starter Bundle - SciFi.

Use of this hairdo is governed by the Daz Productions, Inc. End User License Agreement.

Free resources for Mitsu Hair for Aiko include:


Hairs Fits for Sadie : DAZ hairs
Mitsu Conforming for H3/A3
Mitsu hair Refit to M3
mitsu hair v4 v3 fits


Mitsu Hair Transparency second from bottom
Rags for Hiro
short-hair transmap
Mitsu Hair worn by a custom Genesis morph, Mayflower (copyright Arlesienne at DA, that is EnigmaticOxygen here) rendered in DAZ Studio 4.6 Pro by EnigmaticOxygen


Aiko - Mistu Hair - Anime colors part 1
Celeb 2010 - Day 15 - Celeb 4 Mitsu Hair
Mitsurbian for A3 Mitsu Hair
Mitstikel for Mitsu Hair - Pack 1
Mitstikel for Mitsu Hair - Pack 2
Mitstikel for Mitsu Hair - Pack 3
mitsu hair texture
~ MitsuHair ~
Rainbow For H3 Nagase and A3 Heaven Bound


Being a long hairstyle, ready-made poses can come in handy when posing Mitsu Hair.

mitsu hair poses