Morph Manager 4

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Morph Manager 4

Stephanie 1 with Ectascy's Sasha texture. Stephanie 1's morphs added back into the StephVskin cr2 and 3Dream's Stephanie1 morph from Old morphs, poses and Skin maps
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Creator:Paul Mason
License:"Morph-Manager is a freeware application written by Mr. X and copyrighted by Mr. X. It can be distributed freely but cannot be sold nor be a part of any package that is sold. "

Morph Manager 4 is a software program, created by Paul Mr. X Mason to work with Poser 3.0 and Poser 4.0 character files (cr2,hd2,fc2,pz2,pz3) files.

One of the problems with Poser is its inability to manage morph targets. You can add them but, you cannot delete them nor can you easily transfer them to another figure if you don't have the original morph obj file. Morph-Manager allows you to delete and transfer morph targets directly from one CR2 file to another. It will allow you to rename morph targets, combine several targets into a new target and export targets to wavefront obj format. It also will let you manage your props, copying them to another figure, combine morph targets on props and delete and rename props. The help page provides more information.

As of 9/9/21 Morph Manager 4.0 still works in Windows 10.