MultiVic for Vicky 1

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MultiVic for Vicky 1
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Main Site: (Direct link to the download)
Other Information
Creator:CagePage (Cagedrei)
Needed:Victoria 1-2

MultiVic for Vicky 1 is a character morph (face and body morph) and full-body texture set, designed by Cagedrei. This zipfile contains files for use with Victoria 1 or 2 by Zygote/DAZ. "MultiVic" is a customized Vicky 1 figure, with additional character morphs, face morphs, and body morphs. The figure has edited joint parameters, added breast handles, and JCM enhancement of some joints. The texture file is no longer available but there are multiple options for textures in Victoria 1-2/Materials and Shaders. Included in the product are 50 facial expressions poses.

Free resources for MultiVic for Vicky 1 include:
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