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This is a list of props, figures, wardrobe items, morphs, and poses with a musical theme, concentrating on musical instruments.

The list of links provided here is based on the list of music-related freebies as it existed on on April 27, 2014. It was originally posted here by the maintainer of that list. However, this list has diverged from, and is more current than, the list found on the DAZ3D forum.

Some items on this list have multiple URLs. Unless otherwise marked, these are multiple sources for the content; you only need to download from one URL.

More instruments can be found at the Only At The Circus page, under "The Band".

Instruments by Type[edit]

Other Instruments[edit]

Samba bell
Theremin the Ether waves

Multiple Instruments[edit]

Baroque music instruments-01
Bassoon, joueuse de bois (early clarinet), cromorne, 'snake charmer's flute'
Baroque music instruments-02
Syrinx, kena (early flute/tin-whistle), tromp (conch-shell horn), saqueboute (early trombone), cornet a bouquin, tambourine
Biwa & Ryuteki
biwa, bachi (used to play the biwa), and ryuteki (flute), with ryuteki post for M3
Gnome's music
Flute, Lute, Pipe1, Pipe2, Violin
Musical Instruments
Harp, CrumHorn, Cornemuse, Luth, Rebec and musician poses for Sara, M3 and V3 (top of right-hand column)
donbak, nay, rabab, riq, and zil, witl playing poses for Victoria 4
electric guitar, amp stack, hi-fi components, speaker, mixer board, upright piano, portable keyboard, DJ turntables, other non-related props
Steampunk style band set
Lead/Rythym Guitar, Bass Guitar, Loudspeaker, Microphone on stand, Drum Set, Drum Sticks parented to M4
The Rockstage
Rockstage, Stagelights, Drumset, Drumstick, Keyboard, Marshall Stack, Microphone, Monitor, PA Speakers, Speaker Column
SM_Celtic Band
Celtic Band is a collection of instruments used in celtic music which includes; "Middle Fiddle" (Viola), "Welsh Mandolin" (a diaphragm type mandolin), Celtic Flute, Button Accordian, and Bodhran. Poses are included for V4 S4 and M4 characters to help set the scene.

Related Props[edit]

Related Props now have their own page.

Character Morphs[edit]

NOTE: All of the cautions listed on the Famous People page apply to the use of these morphs.

Signature Clothing[edit]

NOTE: These count as cosplay resources.





Guitar poses are on the Guitars page

Fantasy lute player pose
for Daz Studio 4.5, an unspecified figure, and the lute in the paid Fantasy Instruments

Bong & Bonga[edit]


  • Musica Fantasia (Basic Poses for the Violin and Pan Flute - Full Pose, upper and lower pose)



Genesis 2 Female[edit]

Genesis 8 Female[edit]

Bass and Vocals Poses for G8F

La Femme Base Figure for Poser 11[edit]

Guitar and piano poses for La Femme using the free SM_FolkGuitar, zScale down to 65%, Hypnagogia free chair Two Chairs, and free Grand Piano.

Michael 1-2[edit]

Michael 4[edit]


Pounce the Puma - Plushies 2.0[edit]

Pounce Plays the Drum Pose 1
uses Pounce and Rama Drums


Two guitar poses for Raffael using Acoustic Guitar (hypnagogia).
Raffael piano pose using free Grand Piano.




Victoria 1-2[edit]

Victoria 4[edit]

Other Related Files[edit]

Custom Color - Fender
mt5 files for Poser 6+ (near middle of page, near the guitar strap)
Custom Color - Gibson
mt5 files for Poser 6+ (near middle of page, near the guitar strap)
OBJ. Steampunk Clatterbox... the ultimate in dystopian street entertainment!
Free Mats for "The Boss"
for Adam Thwaites' "The Boss" Fender Telecaster, for purchase at the same URL
MDP_Strap 02 or
MDP_Strap 03 or
MDP_Strap 04 or
Music Notes .obj
Music Notes .pp2
Music Set props
notes, rests, staffs, clefs, flats, sharps, naturals, and time signatures
Musical Notes
Night club props, stage, mic, table, chair and floor
Pack Music 001 PROPS
Disc, headphones, CD, tape deck, guitar, loudspeaker, microphone
The Rack
a 15 space Rack enclosure, a utility drawer, 3-filler covers to hide any empty spaces in yr setup, and a FB-P5K 5000 Watt Power Head to help drive that wall of speakers. Plus a shartload of morfy goodness to make those lil' tweaks to yr image that make it stand out from the crowd.
Sheet of music
notes, staff, and treble clef
Sheet of music Part 2
notes and bass clef
low-res female character