New Eve V1, V2, V3

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New Eve V1, V2, V3
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Needed:P4 Woman
andObjaction Mover 1.01

New Eve V1, V2, V3 is a series of improvements to the P4 Woman character created by SENO for P4 Woman. The freebies are cr2 file format. You will need Objaction Mover 1.01 to decode the new object files.

From the last update P4NWEveV3 - October 05, 2000 The latest NewEve figure is now full P4NudeWoman texture map compatible and has Eve V3 Gen map. Texturing NewEve is no more a problem. The figure has P4NudeWoman top mesh and Eve one from buttock to feet. As so she's P4 morph and cloth compatible and bends well. NewEve V3 figure replace both P3 eyed and P4 eyed former NewEves. NewEve V3 is a conjoint project between Rorschach and me, most credit should be given to him.