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Main Site:No longer legally available non-free content
Other Information
Creator:Poser World
License:Poser World 3D Royalty Free Use License
Needed:any of Apollo Maximus, Ben, Kate 1, Luke, Laura, Michael 3, or P6 Jessi

Nightshirt is a Poser-dynamic nightshirt, designed for Apollo Maximus, Ben, Kate 1, Luke, Laura, Michael 3, and P6 Jessi. It is no longer legally available, and was not free when it was available; one could purchase a copy at Poser World.

This is Poser dynamic wardrobe; it cannot be used as-is in Daz Studio (although the paid DynCreator for DazStudio will allow its use in Daz Studio 4 Pro).

Free resources for Nightshirt include:

Textures for the Nightshirt[edit]

Reupload of Tan Stripes for Nightshirt
Reupload of Woven for Nightshirt & Bump Map
Stripes for Nightshirt

Textures for the Nightshirt and other resources[edit]

Royal Purple for PW Hat, Cloak, and Nightshirt
for Treasure guard for Mike Hat, Biblical Merchant Cloak, and Nightshirt
for Nightshirt, Biblical Merchant Set (gown, cloak, & hat), and Biblical gown Scarf AND