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This is a work in progress to help new editors understand the wiki's style.

How do we list free resources here?[edit]

Ideally, each freebie should have its own page. We know this isn't an ideal world.

If you've created a page for a single free resource, that page should be listed on the appropriate index pages. We do that with a bulleted-list entry, like so:
* [[Jenny Dress]]

If you've found a free resource that isn't on the list and you either don't have the time or the skill to make a page for it, go ahead and list it directly on the index pages. In this case, use a term-and-definition list and place it after the bulleted list, like so:
;Jenny Dress

The term-and-definition entries should be listed after the bulleted-list entries. Eventually, someone will create a page for the resource, but "eventually" could be anything from hours to years in the future.

How do I create a page for a free resource?[edit]

We have two different methods for creating pages. Either one is just as good as the other.

Method 1[edit]

There are two things to check first, before creating a page.[edit]

The first thing,

is the creator already in our wiki list of creators.

The second thing,

is there a page already in use on the wiki with the same title as what the creator has used on their product.

Here is how to obtain the two pieces of information:[edit]

Checking for the Creator
1. Go to the Creator category.
2. Check the Creator category to see if the wiki already has the creator of the product listed. An example would be looking for Mada in the list. Clicking on the M will get you to the page that contains all of the creators we have listed with the names starting with M.
3. Remember that Mada and mada will be two different categories so make sure you know how the category is presented in the list. You will want to have the same spelling and context, ie capitalization and spaces as what is listed in the creator list, to get the product associated with the correct creator.
4. If the creator is not on the list you can create the creator's category when you create the page for the new product. See section "Creating a new category" for how to do this.
Checking for an Existing Page
There are two ways to do this. The usual way:
1. In the "Search Poser and Daz Free Resources" box in the upper right corner of any of the wiki's web pages put the proposed title of the page.
a) As you type, you will be given a possible list of page titles that already exist or an option to click on "containing.....".
2. Click on any page link that may be a duplicate, and see if item is already listed. If you find it, then thanks for checking! You are done!
3. If you do not find a listing for the free resource, then press "Return" to move on the the "Search Results" page where you can create your new page.
  1. Go to Requested Pages
  2. Type the page name into the box near the top of the page
  3. Click or tap on "Enter a page name into the box, then click or tap here"
If the page already exists, you'll be taken to it in edit mode - you'll have to go back to Requested Pages and try again. If the page doesn't exist, you'll be taken to the new-page screen.

Here is how to create the new page:[edit]

Creating a New Page
1. On the "Search Results" page, you will see a line item just below the search box that says "Create the page "Your Proposed Title" on this wiki!" (Your Proposed Title will be in red font).
2. If there is another page with the same title listed, and it is not a duplicate item, then you can change your new proposed title. (an example would be adding the following string "(Creator's name)" to the title. An example: Cow (Scott Ayers) and Cow (Adam Thwaites))
a) You change the title in the search box and click on the magnifier (or press the Search button) and you will get the new title in red below.
3. Click on the red font title to create the new page! (Congratulations!)
Populating the page with information (Using the Boilerplate)
1. At this point you can select a boilerplate that will fill out the generic format. This includes the freebie box, resources, prerequisites and such. There are helpful tips and suggestions on how to fill out the page. where to put information, how to describe the product and what kind of information is needed to meet the requirements of the wiki.
2. To populate with the boiler plate, have "Free Resource Page" in the box for Select boilerplate. Click on Load.
3. Fill out the information you have.
4. Remove the notes and other lines that are not being used by the page.
5. Hit the save page button at the bottom of the web page.
Populating the page with information (Using an Exsisting Page from the Wiki)
1. Open a new web window of the Creator page.
2. From the Creator category select the content creator. Look through the list of pages the wiki has for that creator. Click on a page that has similar properties as the current product you are working on. Example: Creating the Jack Russell product by Adam Thwaites. This is a dog prop and looking through his set of pages you find the page Guard Dog.
3. Click on the similar page and open it up. Click on the edit tab at the top of the page.
4. Copy the content of the exsisting page.
5. Go back to the just created page and paste.
6. Make the appropriate changes. In the case of the Jack russell example all that had to be done was change the title, the freebie link and description for the Jack Russell product. Catgories, license and creator's name were done and did not have to be changed.
7. Hit the save button at the bottom of the web page.
Creating a new category
1. Categories can be created on a page by using the format double straight brackets "[" then the string "Category:" and then the string "CategoryName" and then double straight close brackets "]". If there is not a current category when the page is saved the Category will be listed at the bottom of the page in red.
2. Click on the red fonted category and a new page will be created which lists the page you just made and provides an edit box to place a description of what the category is. Examples: Category "Animal" has the following description - Animal figures and props. For sort-of-animal, sort-of-human figures and props, see Category:Anthropomorphic
3. Add the categories you want the associated category to be in. For example: the category of Dog is categorized as Animal. The Animal category has Figure. A category must be in one category except for the category "Indexes".
4. If creating a new category for a content creator then the category is Creator.
Link to the page
After you've made the page, it will show up on the Orphaned Pages list until it's listed on another page. We list pages on our Index pages - add your new page to all of the indexes where it belongs.

Method 2[edit]

Instead of creating a freebie page, and then adding a link to the page (as you might have expected to do) you can do the opposite:

  1. Go to an index page, and enter the link to the page, as described in the first question. You will need to know what you want to call it, like: * [[Jenny Dress]] The wiki's policy is to use the same name that the freebie's creator used unless that name has already been used.
  2. Save the listing with the new Link
  3. Now click on the new listing that you just entered (it should be in red, since the page does not exist yet), and it will create that page for adding the new item
  4. Now either copy the Template from here for a new Freebie Resource:, and paste it into your page, or click on the "Load" button in the Select boilerplate box - either will put the template onto the page
  5. Enter the Freebie details and save!

Congrats, you've create a new freebie page and link to it from the proper place!

I made a page by mistake. How can I delete it?[edit]

Only the wiki's administrators have the ability to delete a page. Ask Rob on his talk page.

How do I rename a page?[edit]

At the top of the page, select "Move" from the drop-down menu beside the search box. You'll be taken to a screen where you can type the new name over top of the page's current name. (Do not use the dropdown menu on that page that lets you move a page from a normal "(Main)" page to some other sort of page unless you know exactly what you're doing. You can't break the wiki by doing this, but you can break the page.)

Once you've entered the new name (and, optionally, the reason why you're changing the page's name), click or tap on "Move page".

If there is already a page with that name, you'll get an error message. If there isn't, then you'll get a short page saying the move succeeded.

How do I add/upload an image?[edit]

Linking directly to an offiste image does not work. There is an option to enable this in the Wiki, but it has not been enabled, for one of the reasons given here:$wgAllowExternalImages#Why_disallow_external_images?

There is information and three simple rules on Category:Page Needing Image for how to add images to the Wiki. refer to that page for more information.

I want to send you a DMCA takedown notice[edit]

This wiki's administrators do not live in the USA. However, we respect the intent of copyright. Please send your request by email to any administrator other than the "Abuse filter" bot - there is no need to involve lawyers.