NukaCola Bottle

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NukaCola Bottle
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NukaCola Bottle is a free beverage prop for DAZ Studio created by tofusan. It is a sci-fi-styled glass bottle of soda in the shape of a retro-future Rocketship. It comes in 3 flavors (Nuka Cola, Nuka Cherry, and Quantum). It is modeled after the popular drink from the "Fallout" videogame franchise. Thus, this is a cosplay resource.

Free resources for NukaCola Bottle include:
Latexluv's Shaders for Tofusan Nuka Bottle
12 shaders which are Fallout Canon flavors and 3 shaders for Non-Canon flavors
Canon Flavors (NukaCola Boost, NukaCola Clear, NukaCola Cranberry, NukaCola Dark, NukaCola Fusion, NukaCola Grape)
Canon Flavors (NukaCola Cherry (round label version), NukaCola Orange, NukaCola Wild, NukaCola Quantum (round label version), NukaCola Victory, NukaCola Quarz
Non-Canon Flavors (NukaCola Jolly, NukaCola Zero, NukaCola Fallout 3 first release version (lavender color))