Nymph Dress

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Nymph Dress
Aiko 3, wearing Nymph Dress with Ivory Texture for NymphDress and Flutterby Wings
Download Links
Main Site:Nymph Dress for A3 non-free content
Teagan and Nymph Dress for V4 non-free content
Other Information
Creator:Mada, Sarsa, Thorne
License:Daz Productions, Inc. End User License Agreement
Needed:Either Aiko 3 or Victoria 4

Nymph Dress is a complete outfit created by Mada, Sarsa, and Thorne. Versions exist for Aiko 3 or Victoria 4; the V4 version comes with a custom character named Teagan. They are not free; one can purchase copies from DAZ3D.

The outfit consists of a sleeveless knee-length dress, panties, a set of arm ribbons, a pair of shoes, a butterfly mask, and a prop butterfly.

Free resources for Nymph Dress include:
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Textures for Nympth Dress
UPDATE!Flutterby Texture for Teagan/V4/A3/A4 Dress