OBJ to STL Convertor Program

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OBJ to STL Convertor Program

OBJ to STL Convertor Program
Download Links
Main Site:https://www.chestnutpens.co.uk/misc/objtostl.html
Other Information
License:commercial or non-commercial use
Needed:Windows OS

OBJ to STL Convertor Program is a utility program created by richardandtracy.

This is a very simple Windows 32bit .exe program that converts between the main export format of 3D Surface modellers - the Wavefront Object (OBJ) format - and permits it to be imported into many 3D Printers. This program bridges the gap between the two. It is a simple program that reads a simple facet based OBJ file and translates it to an ASCII or binary STL file. All texture mapping and vertex normals are lost in the translation because the STL format is too simple to hold this data.

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