P4 Woman (originally "High Resolution Woman" according to Wikipedia, nicknamed "Posette" by Poser users) is a realistic human female figure for Poser. She was first made available by being included in Poser 3, though the currently-available version is the one that originally was released with Poser 4.

P4 Woman
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This figure is part of the base content included with Poser.

As the first realistic female character available for Poser, Posette once had a library of hundreds of different outfits and hair, hundreds of different morphs, and thousands of different skin textures. It was a library of content literally unrivaled in scope until the advent of Victoria 3, and many of Posette's skin textures were made to be as close to photo-realistic as possible. Interest in the character and desire for new items for her helped spark the beginnings of the modern Poser "cottage industry" and fan-community, with content creators creating new content almost daily and putting it up for sale on various commercial sites that sprang up. Meanwhile, the "superhero" fan-art community also picked up on her, and at one point there were morphs, texture sets, outfits, hair and props to turn her into nearly every single heroine and villainess from every single major comic-book publisher.

With the advent of newer characters (particularly the Millennium Woman), interest in Posette declined, and her library of items slowly shrank from neglect until today, there is very little left compared to what once was. Still, this is the character that began it all, as far as the modern Poser community is concerned.

Free resources still available for Posette include:

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Poses Edit

3 Pin-Up poses for Poser4 woman
http://avalontree.narod.ru/poser_poses.html (bottom of page)
6 disco-poses for Poser4 woman
http://avalontree.narod.ru/poser_poses.html (third from bottom)
6 fantasy poses for Poser4 woman
http://avalontree.narod.ru/poser_poses.html (second from bottom)
Circus Maximus
Gun and Rowing poses
Hand Pose vol.1 for POSER 4
High Heel Morphs
Horsefeathers 8 Add-On Set
In saddle poses for the Conversano set
Laying Pose vol.1 for POSER 4
Pin-Up Pose for POSER 4
posette V3 poses
ProWrestling Poses for POSER4 Female Figure
https://web.archive.org/web/20060421013610/http://hell.razor.jp/dl/03.html (second from bottom)
Shameworks Perfect Poses
Standing Pose vol.1 for POSER 4
Zero-G Pose Pack for LatexaV2

Utilities Edit

for converting to Posette clothing specifically
P4 Nude Woman - Templates
P4Vskin with Traveller's Brows
Add-on for P4Vskin, above
Seam Guides for Clothing
P4 Catsuit, Halter Top, and Leotard (included with Poser 4; the oldest guides of all!)
wardrobe seam guides
https://web.archive.org/web/20120816003252/http://www.snowsultan.com/seams/oldseams.zip   or https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/16-1C2dpvJCj-e4EyEBLaCvmAmMfHSAKn
Poser 4 Female (Posette) (included with Poser 4)
figure seam guide
https://web.archive.org/web/20160613124455/http://www.snowsultan.com/seams/posette_seam.gif  or https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/16-1C2dpvJCj-e4EyEBLaCvmAmMfHSAKn
Posette 3 to 4 Remap
"a remap of the Poser 3 nude female to take Poser 4 texture maps"
Posette splitfoot
An UVS file to remap Posette to have separate foot mapping.
Really Bad Phonemes For Poser 4
for P4 Posette, P4 Dork, Biz Man & Woman, and Cas Man & Woman

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