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Wardrobe for Pauline

Note: Prefitter_CR2 lets Pauline wear Victoria 4's clothing; requires Poser 11 Pro.

One-Piece Outfits[edit]

Pauline's Quicksuit (comes with Pauline)
Funsuit for Pauline Quicksuit


Cocktail Dresses for Pauline
Little Black Dress for Pauline
MNE_Sailor Collar Dress for Pauline
Pauline Dynamic Ball Gown 1
Pauline Dynamic Ball Gown 1a
Pauline Dynamic Ball Gown 2 Short Version
Pauline Dynamic Cloth Ball Gown 2
Pauline Dynamic Cloth Ball Gown 3
Velvet Dress for Pauline
A velvet style dynamic evening gown for Pauline.

Shirts, Blouses, and Other Tops[edit]

Pauline Cut-In T
Pauline Long-Sleeved T Collection
Pauline Sleeveless T-shirt Collection
Pauline 3/4 Sleeve T-Shirt
Virgin Killer Sweater for Pauline

Pants and Skirts[edit]

Pauline Conforming Bike Shorts
Pauline Dynamic Cloth Skirt Collection
Pauline leggings (re-do version)
Split Tight Skirt For Pauline
Poser Dynamic


Clogs for Poser 11 Pauline
Leather Pumps for Pauline
Leather Pumps "Shorter" Heel for Pauline
Pauline Booties Left and Right
Pauline Flat Shoes With Decoration Left and Right or UPDATE Pauline Flat Shoes With Deco
Pauline Flipflops Left
Pauline Flipflops Right
Pauline Gladiator-style Sandals Left and Right
Pauline High Boots Left and Right
Pauline House Slippers L & R
Pauline Mid-High Boots Left and Right
Pauline Uwabaki Shoes L & R
Round Toe Pumps for Poser 11 Pauline


Pauline Biker Glove Left
Pauline Biker Glove Right
Pauline Long Gloves Left and Right
Pauline Sci-Fi Combat Jacket Collection
Pauline Short Gloves Left and Right
Winter Coat for Pauline


Complete Outfits[edit]

Biblical outfit for Pauline
Biblical outfit 2 for Pauline
Additional Styles for Biblical Outfit2 for Pauline
Gathered Dress and Shawl Jacket for Pauline
Pauline's Summer Bag
Witch Set for Pauline
Top, Skirt, Hat, Cauldron, Broom



Gemstone Jewelry for Pauline
A set of conforming earrings and necklace with gemstones for Pauline.

Resources for Paid Wardrobe[edit]

The list of free resources for paid wardrobe for Pauline now has its own page.


Not sorted because the content creator didn't describe it well on the download page. This needs a better description when an individual page is made for it.

INJ Maura for Pauline, and Clothes
Several articles of both conforming and dynamic clothing for Maura
PaulineTankPink_DIFFUSE2 Texture