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Peaches, with one of the Expressions for Peaches, wearing cookie body
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Peaches is a toon female anthropomorphic figure created by Lady LittleFox. She is non-free content. Peaches shares Cookie's body morphs and rigging, allowing her to wear all of Cookie's clothing, even including shoes, glove and hair.

However, Peaches has included:

  • Peaches figure
  • Chest ruff
  • Cheek ruff
  • Rabbit ears and tail
  • Cat ears and tail
  • Separate head and body
  • Whiskers
  • 15 textures (500 x 500 to 4096 x 4096) for body, head, and eyes:
    • Albino and white body and head with make-up
    • Albino and white body and head without make-up
    • Eye tint
  • DAZ Studio material presets
  • Poser material presets

Free resources for Peaches include:



Poses and Expressions[edit]