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Pickles with one of the Expressions for Pickles
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Creator:LittleFox , Redspark
License:Daz Productions, Inc. End User License Agreement

Pickles is a toon anthropomorphic figure created by Redspark and LittleFox. He is non-free content. Like Peaches (his female counterpart sharing clothing with Cookie), Pickles shares Chip's body morphs and rigging, allowing him to wear all of Chip's clothing, even including shoes, glove and hair.

Pickles has included:

  • Pickles figure
  • Pickles head
  • Pickles body
  • Chest ruff
  • Cheek ruff
  • Rabbit ears and tail
  • Cat ears and tail
  • Separate head and body
  • Whiskers
  • 15 textures (500x500 to 4096x4096) for body, head, and eyes:
    • Albino and white body and head with make-up
    • Albino and white body and head without make-up
    • Eye tint
  • DAZ Studio material presets
  • Poser material presets

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Poses and Expressions[edit]