Polikarpov Po-2

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Polikarpov Po-2
Polikarpov Po-2.jpeg
A render of the Po-2 with a texture from the expansion set, rendered in Poser by Glaseye (pilots are not included with this model)
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Creator:Pedro Caparros
License:Non-commercial use only

Quoting from Wikipedia:

The Polikarpov Po-2 (also U-2) served as a general-purpose Soviet biplane, nicknamed Kukuruznik (Russian: Кукурузник, from Russian "kukuruza" (кукуруза) for maize; thus, "maize duster" or "crop duster"), NATO reporting name "Mule". The reliable, uncomplicated concept of the Po-2's design made it an ideal training aircraft, as well as doubling as a low-cost ground attack, aerial reconnaissance, psychological warfare and liaison aircraft during war, proved to be one of the most versatile light combat types to be built in the Soviet Union.

This 3D prop of the Po-2 was created by Pedro Caparros.

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