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Poser is a 3D-art software suite. It is not free; one can purchase a copy from Renderosity.

As of March 2018, the download included the following:

Added to Poser Pro 11.2 in September 2019:

Additional content: Ghostman Wok Pans Ghostman MrDoodle Ghostman DoodleBoo AfroditeOhki SingleBasics (Turtleneck)

La Romantic Dress for LaFemme by Tipol GCD Furniture - DesignLC4 by GrayCloud Design (LC4 Corbusier Chaise Lounge) Onyx Hair by Prae Eleanor Hair by Prae Cherry Dress by karanta Georgia Hair by Prae Femme Faces by outoftouch (4 character head morphs) Elf Clothing For LaFemme by Tipol Bennie Hair for V4/M4 by Prae

La CruX Sweet Rebel by Deecey and Rhiannon (Clothing) LaFemme Sportswear by Glitterati3D La Femme Closet 4 by 3DTubeMagic (Skirt and top) Girl Gear by Deecey (adventure outfit) Duplicate of Femme Faces by outoftouch Dynamic Tshirt by Gustaf Grefberg and HolyWonderWorld Vincent´s Bedroom by Cybertenko Thatched Cottage Set by DryJack Octopus Ride by Simon-3d Romantic Bedroom by RPublishing Garden Fireplace by RPublishing Deco Locker Room by RPublishing Indoor Pool Spa by RPublishing Home Economics Classroom by Imaginary House Fantasy Pool by RPublishing Desert land: Props by RPublishing Dark Cemetary by RPublishing Canyon 2 by hameleon AJ Villa by AppleJack AJ Tree House 2 by AppleJack AJ Futuristic Base 2 by AppleJack RP Pole Barn by Dante78 Tropical place by JeffersonAF Toon Jungle by JeffersonAF 2016 The Great Lake by JeffersonAF 2019 Poser FX by JeffersonAF 2017 Ice World by JeffersonAF 2019 Bryce skies for Poser by JeffersonAF 2018 Metal Realm by Danie and marforno Meeting Point by Danie and marforno Mogul Fantasy by RPublishing Medieval Small Village Manor by Dante78 Medieval Small Village Derelict House by Dante78 Urban Decay Props Set by RPublishing Victorian Gift Shop by RPublishing My neighborhood by JeffersonAF 2018 Queens Landing by Danie and marforno Plants & Pots by Sveva Moroccan Dream by BlueTreeStudio Flinks Mossy Rocks by Flink Flinks Flowers - Flower 3 - Daisy Fleabane by Flink Flinks Bushes 1 by Flink Duplicate of Blue Tree Studio Catalogue by BlueTreeStudio 3D Scenery: Dryland Expanse by ShaaraMuse3D and HWW Unidwarf figure by RPublishing Raffael figure by 3Dream Mr. Bones figure by Cybertenko Maisie 1.0, Toon Female figure by Deecey and Nerd3D Maisie Dancer outfit and braids by Deecey and Nerd3D Bloop figure by Simon-3d Angel for Maisie character by Tempesta3d The Black Triangle by Simon-3d (Alien craft) Snow Truck by Schurby (Snow plough) Fantasy Shields by RPublishing Fantasy Spears by RPublishing & muwawya Wolf Poser by JeffersonAF (helicopter) Posing Stuff by hameleon (Scene props and backdrop) Medieval Siege Tower by Dante78 Medieval Battering Ram by Dante78 Hadenman Cruiser by Simon-3d (Sci-fi space craft) FTractor by Schurby (Farm tractor) FantasyWeapons3 by RPublishing CV by BlueTreeStudio (Camper Van) BUGATTI 57S CORSICA by 3DClassics Budget Small Cars by willyb53 (Mazda 3 and a Mits Lancer) and, Blue Tree Studio Catalogue by BlueTreeStudio (A whole bunch of stuff, which includes ZOMBIE CONTAINMENT SUPERVILLAIN LAIR 1 MODULAR MANSION 1: THE HALLWAY SANTA'S WORLD CRYOGENIC CHAMBER SUPERVILLAIN LAIR 2 THE WAR CHAMBER MODULAR MANSION 2: THE STUDY ALIEN HIVE THE CAVERN FUTURE CITY MODULAR MANSION 3: THE EAST WING FANTASY THRONE ROOM MODULAR MANSION 4: THE CONSERVATORY LAUNCH BAY VINTAGE CARAVAN VINTAGE CARAVAN UNBOUND LAUNCH BAY ULTIMA BESIDE THE SEASIDE CAFE CONTINENTAL BURLESQUE BOUDOIR MODULAR MANSION 5: THE KITCHENS DARK KINGDOM GATEWAY LITTLE CHIPTON FRANKENSTEIN'S LAIR MODULAR MANSION 6: THE DINING ROOM DARK KINGDOM ARENA WATERFRONT VICTORIAN STREET SURVEILLANCE HUB MODULAR THEATRE 1: STAGE/BACKSTAGE MODULAR THEATRE 2: AUDITORIUM MODULAR THEATRE 3: LOBBY/FACADE ALIEN CITY CASA ROSSO MODULAR MANSION 7: EN SUITE STEAMPUNK HARBOUR MUSEUM RAID COASTAL COTTAGE ARTIST'S STUDIO BONE TEMPLE MODULAR THEATRE CINEMA EXPANSION FAIRY VILLAGE 1 SUPERVILLAIN LAIR 3 MODULAR MANSION 8: THE NANNY'S ROOM ZOLTAR FORTUNE TELLER MINISTRY OF TRUTH UNDERSEA ADVENTURE THE LOST VALLEY SUPERHERO STREET THE TEA PARTY 221B BAKER STREET BEACH HUTS RAVEN'S PERCH FANTASY TAVERN RIVERSIDE TOWN CLARA BELLE CANAL BOAT MODULAR THEATRE SCENERY PACK VICTORIAN PARK POP ART PAD CITY GATES MODULAR MANSION 9: SERVANT QUARTERS FRENCH BAKERY CITY ZOO JUNGLE RUINS TIME AGENCY HARBOUR TOWN LAIR OF THE VAMPIRE BRIDE GHOST TRAIN MINISTRY OF PERSUASION MODULAR MANSION 10: CELLARS & GROUNDS HOUSE OF ESCHER BOUTIQUE BATTLE MECHS WINTER'S FAYRE FAIRYTALE BALLROOM THE STABLE VICTORIAN SQUARE STONE CIRCLE THE WIZARD'S HOUSE MODULAR SPACE STATION 1: COMMAND DECK STEAMPUNK SLUM DOWNING STREET FIRE MOUNTAIN GRAND HOTEL PART 1 GRAND HOTEL PART 2 GYPSY CARAVAN MODULAR SPACE STATION 2: SECURITY DECK TUNISIAN VILLAGE TRAVELLING CIRCUS SWAMP WORLD PARISIAN STREET WHITECHAPEL NEWSPAPER OFFICE TEMPLE OF ANUBIS BASEMENT BAR WITCH's HOUSE TYCOON'S OFFICE PALACE OF THE NILE SMUGGLERS' COVE WALLED GARDEN VINTAGE TV STUDIO VICTORIAN ARCADE VORTEX CHAMBER BRIDGE HOUSE OUTPOST THEMIS ICE CREAM VAN ATLANTIS RISING THE GYM CAPTAIN'S CABIN VICTORIAN RAILWAY LOCOMOTIVE VICTORIAN RAILWAY STATION HALL OF THE ILLUMINATI CREEPY CARNIVAL FAIRYTALE COTTAGE NINJUTSU CITY VICTORIAN MORGUE SPEAKEASY OCEANICA POLAR BASE STEAMPUNK GRAND STATION SUITE SEDUCTION VINTAGE CHRISTMAS SKI LODGE URBAN VAMPIRE MINISTRY OF JUSTICE RECORDING STUDIO CAMELOT OLD QUAYSIDE DESERT OASIS DINNER FOR TWO VENICE SECRET SUPERHERO BASE FASHION SHOW SKELLIG ISLAND CAMPER VAN WILD WEST WAGON )OBJ/DXF) TUNISIAN VILLAGE (OBJ/DXF) FLOWERS (2D PHOTOGRAPHIC) SPANISH VIEWS volume 1 (2D PHOTOGRAPHIC)) AJ Sparrow by (flying vehicle) 59 Impala by Schurby

Free resources for Poser include:

Everything listed on this wiki, except for the items marked as being usable in Daz Studio only (some items may still work with extra effort) and the non-free content.