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The Poser and Daz Studio Free Resources Wiki is a place where people can come to find and share links to freebies that people can legally use with the 3D-art programs Daz Studio and Poser.

Editing Pages[edit]

With a few exceptions, anyone with a confirmed account can edit any page on this wiki.

These pages are not fair game:

  • Someone else's User page: That's the one page on this wiki where a contributor gets to talk about himself or herself. You can post to someone else's Talk page, though - they're there so we can talk with each other.
  • The Main Page: This is our "billboard" on the Information Superhighway, so only administrators can change it in order to protect it from being covered with graffiti.
  • The pages linked from the wiki sidebar: These pages can be edited, but not moved, because they're linked from the wiki sidebar.
  • The Privacy Policy page and the Disclaimers page: These pages form part of our legal agreement with the people who use this wiki, so only administrators can change them.

Eustace is the maintainer of the Doctor Who freebies list, and Kerya is the maintainer of the hair lists. Please check with them before making major changes to these pages.

Resource Names[edit]

Freebies should keep the names their creators gave them whenever possible. We don't want to list the same item more than once on a single page. If that isn't possible because there's already a page with that name (for example, "Simple Hair" or "Cosplay"), add the creator's name in brackets to the end of the freebie's name (for example, "Simple Hair (Mark003)" or "Cosplay (EvilInnocence)").

These freebies are their creators' babies. It isn't up to us to give them different names.

One exception: If the freebie is a model of a real-world item, then the name of the real-world item should be used. This follows the spirit of the above guideline - it isn't up to the modeler to give them different names, either.

Celebrity Morphs[edit]

Because of legal issues connected to celebrities' personality rights, morphs that make figures look like particular celebrities should be listed on the Famous People page (where appropriate disclaimers have been added). These morphs should only be listed on the index pages for particular figures when they are identified as Cosplay resources.

Adding Pages[edit]

New pages should be about free resources that people can legally use with the 3D-art programs Daz Studio and Poser. Other pages are subject to speedy deletion.

If the new page is about a single free resource, please include the "Freebiebox" on the page. This adds a common look to the wiki's pages, and lists the things most people will need to know about a freebie (name, download link, license, and so on). The sidebar skeleton can be found at Template:Freebiebox.

If the new page is a list of related free resources that have (or will eventually have) their own pages, please add the category "Indexes" to the page.

Deleting Pages[edit]

Only an admin can delete a page here.


Posting spam is cause to get your account blocked indefinitely and your User page deleted. This is your only warning.

Posting links to "warez" sites or torrents counts as spamming.


Images of the free resources in use are encouraged. When making images for the wiki, please remember the guidelines we have in place so we don't end up in court:

  • Make a new image; don't steal the official one or anyone else's work. (There's no problem with you re-using your own work, of course, but remember this wiki offers its content with a CC-BY/SA license.)
  • No nudity.
  • No sexualization of minors.

Images included in a "Freebiebox" will be re-sized to 250 pixels wide if they aren't that size already. Images on other parts of a page can be of any size - but keep in mind some people will be reading this wiki on a smartphone screen.