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One-Piece Clothing[edit]

Bodysuit for PT MilGirl


Erika Dress
Kawa Rev 4 for TentenJ
Miko for PreTeen
FireAngel's Miko texture
P5 Evening Dress - PT
Poser dynamic
PT Morphing Dress 2
PT Morphing Dress 2
Pumpkin Dress

Shirts, Blouses, and Other Tops[edit]

P5 Conforming Off Shoulder Top - PT
P5 Long Sleeved Top -PT
Poser dynamic
No longer available
P5 Tank Top - PT

Pants and Skirts[edit]

P5 Bell Bottoms - PT
Poser dynamic
P5 Jogging Shorts - PT
P5 Pants - PT
P5 Split Pants - PT



Camisole for Preteen
P5 Dynamic Sports Bra - PT
Poser dynamic
No longer available
Teen Undies for PT Girl
No longer available
Undies for Daz Preteen Girl / P4+
Free styles for Preteen Undies

Complete Outfits[edit]

'70's Old Fashion Type 1
'70's Old Fashion Type 2
2002 Kaze
CanGal Suits for PTPS
Faerie Outfit for PreTeen Vicki
hotpants and t-shirt
Matsuri ver. 1
Matsuri ver. 2
Petals (bottom row, left column)
Summer dress and shoes for Millennium Preteen Girl (second from top)
Tanktop and Pants
TJ Dress


P5 One Piece Swimsuit - PT
Poser dynamic
TenTen J Bikini


Race queen outfit, Honda Racing 1997
Japanese School Gymnastic Uniforms for Yamato's TenTenJ
Sailor Suits & Mat file
School Training wear set
TenTenJ RQ
race queen outfit, Kawasaki Kaze


Sneakers for Preteen
Requires Posette Running Shoes and RTEncoder - Posette Running shoes are included in Poser link to the download)
Uwabaki Shoes for PreTeen link to the download)


Fae Power Ring (thirteenth row from top, second column from right)


Preteen Girl: CrossDresser License this license is free so you can convert other figure's clothing to fit her.