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Wardrobe for Project Evolution

One-piece clothing[edit]

Macaquinho Gode for Project Evolution
Poser dynamic. A simple dynamic flared onesey for Evolution. or


Alex Dress Dynamic Dress for ProjectE
Alice Dress for ProjectE Dynamic Cloth
Badminton for ProjectE
A dynamic dress for badminton - or whatever you like. Also included is a badminton racket and a shuttlecock.
Dynamic slim dress for Project Evolution
O165335 dress for Project Evolution
Poser dynamic or
PE Fantasy Dress
Poser dynamic. Comes with 2 textures for superfly and firefly or
Sophie Dress for ProjectE
Poser dynamic. A simple full sleeve bodycon dress for Project Evolution. Suggest use offset 0.3. Be aware this is a dense mesh and takes a while to simulate (Test pose took 8 minutes)
Zoe Bodycon Dress for ProjectE

Shirts, Blouses, and Other Tops[edit]

Brigitte Top for Project E
Dynamic Hoodie
Dynamic hoodie for Elizabeth2, Project Evolution and LaFemme. Includes a morph to pull the hood down. This is a dynamic item and requires use of the cloth room in Poser.
EasyTop098 for PE
Patricia Blouse a Dynamic Blouse For ProjectE
ProjectE Dynamic Office Blouse

Pants and Skirts[edit]

Belinda tailored shorts for ProjectE
Dynamic Pencil Skirt for ProjectE
ProjectE Dynamic Skirt


Caroline Ankle Boots for ProjectE
Caroline V2 Ankle Boots for ProjectE in 2 Styles
Celia mid-calf boots for ProjectE
Charlotte Office Shoes for ProjectE
Clogs for Evolution ONE and PE
Evolution vintage shoes
Felicity Sandals For ProjectE
Jane shoes for ProjectE
Sabrina Shoes for ProjectE
Veronica Shoes For ProjectE
Zelda office shoes for ProjectE

Socks, Stockings, and Footwraps[edit]


Dynamic Fiona Jacket for ProjectE
Rita Jacket For ProjectE
A Dynamic suit jacket (paiirs with my Pencil skirt / Zoe dress). There are 2 versions, one fastened the other unfastened

Complete Outfits[edit]

Emily Jacket & Skirt for ProjectE
Poser Dynamic
Natalie Suit
Poser Dynamic


Other Beach Wear[edit]

EasyWrap166 for Project Evolution
Poser dynamic or

Sleep wear[edit]


Resources for Paid Wardrobe[edit]