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Wardrobe for Project Evolution

One-piece clothing[edit]

Macaquinho Gode for Project Evolution
Poser dynamic. A simple dynamic flared onesey for Evolution. or


Alex Dress Dynamic Dress for ProjectE
Alice Dress for ProjectE Dynamic Cloth
Badminton for ProjectE
A dynamic dress for badminton - or whatever you like. Also included is a badminton racket and a shuttlecock.
Dynamic slim dress for Project Evolution
Evolution Free Content Bonanza! - Skirts and Dress
Evolution FREE Content Bonanza - 5/9 - Summertime
O165335 dress for Project Evolution
Poser dynamic or
PE Fantasy Dress
Poser dynamic. Comes with 2 textures for superfly and firefly or
Sophie Dress for ProjectE
Poser dynamic. A simple full sleeve bodycon dress for Project Evolution. Suggest use offset 0.3. Be aware this is a dense mesh and takes a while to simulate (Test pose took 8 minutes)
Zoe Bodycon Dress for ProjectE

Shirts, Blouses, and Other Tops[edit]

Brigitte Top for Project E
Dynamic Hoodie
Dynamic hoodie for Elizabeth2, Project Evolution and LaFemme. Includes a morph to pull the hood down. This is a dynamic item and requires use of the cloth room in Poser.
EasyTop098 for PE
Evolution Free Content Bonanza! - All Tops
Evolution FREE Content Bonanza - 6/9 - Tanktop
Evolution FREE Content Bonanza - 7/9 - Tops
Evolution FREE Content Bonanza - 8/9 - Tshirts
Evolution Free Content Bonanza! - Tshirts & Undies
Patricia Blouse a Dynamic Blouse For ProjectE
ProjectE Dynamic Office Blouse

Pants and Skirts[edit]

Belinda tailored shorts for ProjectE
Dynamic Pencil Skirt for ProjectE
Evolution Free Content Bonanza! - Footwear & Jeans
Evolution FREE Content Bonanza - 3/9 - Jeans Pants
Evolution FREE Content Bonanza - 4/9 - Skirts
Evolution Free Content Bonanza! - Skirts and Dress
ProjectE Dynamic Skirt


Caroline Ankle Boots for ProjectE
Caroline V2 Ankle Boots for ProjectE in 2 Styles
Celia mid-calf boots for ProjectE
Charlotte Office Shoes for ProjectE
Clogs for Evolution ONE and PE
Evolution FREE Content Bonanza - 2/9 - Footwear
Evolution Free Content Bonanza! - Footwear & Jeans
Evolution vintage shoes
Felicity Sandals For ProjectE
Jane shoes for ProjectE
Sabrina Shoes for ProjectE
Veronica Shoes For ProjectE
Zelda office shoes for ProjectE

Socks, Stockings, and Footwraps[edit]


Evolution Free Content Bonanza! - Tshirts & Undies
Evolution FREE Content Bonanza - 9/9 - Undies


Dynamic Fiona Jacket for ProjectE
Rita Jacket For ProjectE
A Dynamic suit jacket (paiirs with my Pencil skirt / Zoe dress). There are 2 versions, one fastened the other unfastened

Complete Outfits[edit]

Emily Jacket & Skirt for ProjectE
Poser Dynamic
★MNE_nene sailor for EVO★
★MNE_ Sailor for Project Evolution★
Natalie Suit
Poser Dynamic
PE's Fashion Tendance


One-Piece Swimsuits[edit]

★MNE_ SchoolMizugi for EVO★

Other Beach Wear[edit]

EasyWrap166 for Project Evolution
Poser dynamic or

Sleep wear[edit]


Evolution Free Content Bonanza! - Accessories or

Resources for Paid Wardrobe[edit]

The list of free resources for paid wardrobe for Project Evolution now has its own page.