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This is a page about the wiki - specifically, this is a list of the projects we have underway. If we make substantial progress on all of these projects, this wiki will be an encyclopedia of free resources, not just an index of them - which would give us certain privileges under copyright law.

In no particular order:

Create All of the Requested Pages[edit]

Somebody thinks each page on the Requested Pages list should be here ...

Make Images for All Freebies[edit]

The list of pages that need images can be found at Category:Page Needing Image.

List Licenses for All Freebies[edit]

The list of pages that need licenses listed can be found at Category:Resource needing license information.

Check Categories on All Pages[edit]

This is preparation work for the Multi-Category Search tool that we had requested back at Orain, and will request again here once the tool has a stable release.

Each page needs to be checked to make sure it has these categories:

  • the resource's creator (which can be tricky when a creator uses more than one name, the way Littlefox / Lady LittleFox / LadyLittlefox does)
  • the prerequisite figure (or figures) that the resource needs
  • the type of resource - Figure, Face, Morph, Pose, Hair, Wardrobe, Prop, Material, Shader, Scene, Camera, Light, Documentation, and Software
  • The resource's license - broad groups, not specific licenses: Commercial, Non-commercial, Unrestricted
  • Any of these that apply:
    • Dynamic
    • Merchant Resource
    • No Longer Available
    • Non-free content
    • Redistributable
    • ... and any more we can come up with that are likely to apply to a noticeable fraction of resources

(note from Rob: This is where Dollygirl should add those lists of figure types as more categories to add to figure pages. They don't have to be as specific as the ones we have now, if the multi-category search tool is added - we'll be able to search for "human" and "female" instead of having to look for "human female", for example.)

(another note from Rob: Do we want to use the Wikipedia list of hairstyles as categories for hair pages? If we do, that list needs to be included here.)

Create Individual Pages for Each Free Resource[edit]

Again, this is preparation work for the Multi-Category Search tool. That search can only find items if they have categories, and items can only have categories if they have pages of their own.

Index the Freebie Sites[edit]

We have a list of sites at Freebie Sites. We should be getting the items listed on those sites indexed here.

Index ShareCG[edit]

I must have been mad to have proposed this with the number of editors we have.

Removed from the Projects list.

Add More Information to the Creator Pages[edit]

There are over a thousand creators listed on this wiki with no information other than that they are creators. This includes some rather well-known and influential creators, such as Jan19, Kirwyn, Joequick, PTrope, and AerySoul. These "creator stub" pages should be fleshed out a bit.

Personal information should be limited to what's publicly available. (For example, it's all right to mention that Stonemason is Stefan Morrell, because he's said so in public. It isn't all right to repeat the given name of music2u4u even if you've been told it in a PM about the Freebie Challenge on the Daz forums, because that name hasn't been used in public.)

Links to the creator's websites and collections - even the commercial ones - should definitely be included. 3D Universe's page is a good example here, but not a perfect one.

Other Projects[edit]

(note from Rob: I can't think of any, but I'm not the only person editing this wiki. Add them if you know them.)