PropViewer 3.2

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PropViewer 3.2
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A lot of the 'Classic' freebie zips I salvaged from my old CAD Tower's dying drives lacked thumbnails. A decade later, trying to make sense of them, I've found...

It's FREE software, reads a bunch of Poser file-types such as 3DS, OBJ, HR2 & PP2, plus CR2 with INTERNAL geometry. If you've eg 7Zip installed, PropViewer will open files buried in a zip. Sorry, it cannot peek inside exe files.

Then, you can twirl the object mesh to a good angle, select textured or wire-frame, save the image as a BMP *outside* the zip. No need to Shift-PrintScrn then paste into drawing program !! A quick crop of that BMP with eg FREE IrfanView, save out as eg JPG and you have a real-neat thumbnail...

Saves installing the Runtime to a WIP area. Also, piccy is generated from the mesh, NOT product's ReadMe media or Runtime PNG.