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This is the big list for free props.

Please add links to individual sub-pages if appropriate ones exist; otherwise, please add them here. Once we get enough in a particular group, we'll create a sub-page for the group. If a link belongs on more than one sub-page, add it to all of them - we have plenty of room.


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Advertising Boards
cartop sign and digital sign
Aelin's Cauldron
After the Fall (third from bottom) [dead link]
Air matress free 3D model
Antique Clock
Follow these instructions to have the clock show the real local time in Poser and have it update every second just like a real clock. 1) Load the clock into the scene from the Poser figure library. You'll find it in libraries\character\PhilC Designs\Clock 2) You can change the face, hands and glass style by applying the materials found in libraries\Materials\PhilC Designs\Clock 3) To get the clock to continually show the correct local time go to the Poser menu File > Run Python script and browse to runtime\Python\poserScripts\PhilC\Clock\
Arch - 2018 - 01
archive box / boite archive
Art Corner (bottom of page)
Ashley's Portal 2
Atmo Sphere 6 layers, for effects
for atmospheric effects
Auton MK III


Baby Carriage (Direct link to the download)
Bale of Hay - 100% FREE
Ball Cane
Ballot box / urne electorale
DazStudio or
5 envelope poses for Ballot box or
Ballot box of acrylic material
In .obj format, packaged for Poser. With textures.
park bench
Barrel / bucket
Barrier and Drinker
horse trough
Bay Window
OBJ format (second row from top, leftmost column)
Beach Pack for DAZ Studio - Free 3D Models
You get: - A swim ring (four Iray material) - An airmatress (two Iray materials) - A towel (one Iray material) - A surfboard (two Iray materials) - A beachball (two Iray materials) - UV maps included
Beachball Free 3d model
Beam Truss Cross and T Junction 134
File Formats Available: MAX, 3DS, OBJ, FBX, DAE, DXF, C4D
Beaver dam/den (or pile of woodsie brush)
available in DAZ (.duf) and .OBJ format, textures included
bedroll and canteen (Direct link to the download)
bicycle pump /pompe à vélo
DazStudio or
Big Hand
Big Chunky Retro Bakelite Rotary Switch
toon-style bird (second from top) [dead link]
Bird table (bottom of page)
Biscuits Hair Brush
Blind Person's Cane
Blocks, new and broken
Needed some broken blocks. Also made new ones. If you use them better wear gloves. These are "french blocks" : approx. 50 x 20 x 20 cm.
Bondage Hook
Bondage Set
StAndrew Cross
Bottle of Detergent
Bottles 5
Bouncy Castle
Box Cutter High-Poly Version
Box Me In
Two OBJ files. One open and the other closed.
Brass ballot box.
Brewing Magic! ( Bundle )
DAE. These are only basic mesh-models, and there are no textures for them. Cauldron Cauldron Stand Burner Wand Potion Box Flask (w. Stopper, Content and Lable mesh) Phial (w. Stopper) Serum Phial (w. Stopper)
bucket / Seau de chambre
Bug spray (third from top)
Bus seat


Cables, Pipes and Chain
Camping cooler
DazStudio only or
Canadian 2 Dollar Coin Prop
OBJ and 3DS
.3ds Models With Textures
The Captain's Tools
A "Magnifier"(doesn't really magnify), Box for magnifier, Two glass Cups with box, a Flask and a spyglass, modeled in Blender. The magnifier loads smart propped to it's box as do the cups, but all items can be loaded in separately. Appropriately scaled for use with DAZ figures. Material presets included for both 3DL and Iray; rigged for DAZ so the Magnifier rotates in it's base and the boxes and flask open and the spyglass collapses. or
Caris' Toybox OR
Car Key
Cardboard box or Plain open cardboard box (Iray Only)
DazStudio or
The Casket OR
Chain Works New - Update 2017
chamber pot / Pot de chambre
Change Can
DazStudio, hxn, obj
Cheledonian Vendor Stall for Daz Studio and Poser
outdoor market stall, with a row of produce bins
chemistry pack1 / chimie
DazStudio. The pack contains a flat-bottomed balloon, a round-bottomed balloon, a cap and a tripod
chemistry pack2 / chimie
DazStudio. The retort and its support
chemistry pack3 / chimie
DazStudio. test tube and its support
chemistry pack4 / chimie
DazStudio. A benzene beak, the flame and poses
chemistry pack5 / chimie
DazStudio. This new pack contains the beaker, the pipette and the agitator
chemistry pack7 / chimie
There is no pack6, the laboratory bench / Paillasse probably counts as 6. DazStudio. This new pack contains the pipette (fixed), drop account, burette, funnel, and Erlenmeyer flask
Children's Play Blocks OR
China system torture prop
Chinese Health Balls SW
Chinese torture prop 2
Chinese torture prop 3
Chinese torture prop 4
Circus/Event Framework Rigging Modules
OBJ vase
Cistern Water Well for Daz Studio and Poser
Classic Arcade Machines (Iray Updates)
Claw Bathtub
Clothes Hanger
OBJ format (third row from top, leftmost column)
Cloud Plane props for Daz Studio
COF Beaded String Prop (Daz Studio) OR
COF Beaded String Prop (Poser) OR
OBJ format (third row from top, second column from left)
Combination Lock
OBJ format (third row from top, second column from right)
Concert Stage
Concert Stage created in Blender. Comes complete as one single object and one UV Texture Map (15MB 6144x6144). Original Blank UV Map also provided. The object is 257mb in size when unzipped. Has only been tested in Blender software as an object.
Concrete Deck with Railing Prop
DazStudio. This is a simple cooler prop. It's rigged, so the wheels turn, the lid opens and the handle can be lifted. There is a drain plug cap smart-propped to the drain hole. It only has the one material, but it's for BOTH Iray and 3DL. or
Corkboard, Pins and Notice for DAZ Studio or Corkboards, Thumbtacks and Flyer for DAZ Studio or
Corner Stone Fireplace
"A simple prop to represent a corpse dangling from a tree, scaffold, etc." (top of page)
Corrugated cardboard ballot box
Cosmic Chain
cot / lit de camp or
Country Fountain
a watering can on a stick over a washtub (Direct link to the download)
Country Shower
a showerhead mounted over a washtub (Direct link to the download)
Crayons (Iray Only)
Creep Thing
Crime Scene Markers
Crime scene tape
Crystal Ball
Cute Ladybug


Dark Destroyer M4-V4-Lycanthrope
Dark Room Equipment
Daz Studio
Decoprop 01 [dead link]
Decorative separation
Bryce7, OBJ or
The Device
Digital Clock with changable numerals
Digital Mutoscope
Dishwasher for Poser
Djed Column
Dog Food bowl
Dog House for the Hivewire Big Dog
Daz Studio or
Dog House / Niche
Daz Studio
Doomsday Button
Dough Roller machine
Cosplay Perils of Penelope Pitstop - Episode 14 (Bad fortune in a Chinese fortune cookie)
Dracarys Bath (with texture path fix)
Daz Studio
Drop Rocks for Poser & Vue
Dummy / Pacifier
dust shovel / pelle à poussière
Daz Studio
Dystopia Props
01-15, Poser9+ with mats and OBJ files


ECH_ExoticDancePlatform 1.0
DazStudio. Includes poses for Genesis 8 Female
Part 1 or
Part 2 or
Part 3 or
ECH_ExoticDancePlatform Add-on 01
ECH_ExoticDancePlatform for Poser11
Electric Panels
Electrical boxes and wires of an industrial setting. Provided in VUE format and untextured OBJ. or
electric ramp / rampe électrique
DazStudio, power strip, plugbar or
Embalmment Box
This item is a prop for Poser and DAZ studio. The mean is Poser and DAZstudio files in a file. However I only test that in Poser 2014 and DAZ studion 4.9
Emergency kit box
EP Barbed wire
ep konts rope
EP Knots Rope
Equipment for demonstration / matériel pour manif
Daz Studio only; Balloon, banner and flag and some well known logos of the French people or
OBJ format (fourth row from top, second column from left)
Escalator (second from bottom, right column)
esha's Jungle Basin
Two stone basins ready to use, a smooth one and an eroded one.
esha's Stone Throne
A stone throne complete with textures.
Eve Rose and Jewel PROPS link to the download)


FaeWings & Glowing Orb Props
Fake Snowflake
Fan and Reticule Set
AprilYSH's DAZ3D 2014 PA Holiday freebie.
fan / ventilateur
Daz Studio only or
Fantasy ballot box
Fertility Fetishes
Fire of Magic
DazStudio. Here is my new Light Prop "Fire of Magic"! It comes with finished poses and the props can be attached to the hands for easy posing. All options are on the one hand in the Posen folder and in the Props folder.
Fireplace for dollhouse (Printable)
Fireplace for dollhouse 1:12 scale. Printable model composed of: Fireplace (in 3 pieces: base, body and hood) Optional woodshed (in 2 pieces: base and body) In .stl format. See notes for printing in dhsf_readme.txt
Fireside Accessories
flag / drapeau
Daz Studio only or
Flag Pole
Daz Studio only
Flames for Poser
Flint Striker Prop
Daz Studio:
Flower lamp 1
Bryce 7, formats 3ds, obj, obp, For formats 3ds, obj, lights are not included, for textures only the 2d textures are included, others are procedural Bryce or
Flower lamp 2
Bryce 7, formats 3ds, obj, obp, For formats 3ds, obj, lights are not included, for textures only the 2d textures are included, others are procedural Bryce or
Flower lamp 3
Bryce 7, formats 3ds, obj, obp, For formats 3ds, obj, lights are not included, for textures only the 2d textures are included, others are procedural Bryce or
Flower lamp 4
Bryce 7, formats 3ds, obj, obp, For formats 3ds, obj, lights are not included, for textures only the 2d textures are included, others are procedural Bryce or
Flower Pots (third from bottom)
Fly gun (fourth from top)
Fly Sprayer Pump Type
Flying rock
DazStudio, OBJ
Fog, as a scalable cube
Fogsphere - 100% FREE
Fordson Snow Machine
Fourth of July Flag
Freaky Tree
Free Baby Crib
FREE DAZ Prop - Morphing Fantasy Rock
Free Hedges
FREE Just Rocks
FREE Magic Sword
Free Mauron Eye
Cosplay: Lord of the Rings
FREE Objects / DAZ Prop - Hoard of Dragon Eggs
Free Photogrammetric Rock
Free Photogrammetric Rock 2
Free Photogrammetric Rock - Cluster
Free Splash Prop for Iray
FREE The Ring
Cosplay: Lord of the Rings
Free 3D Model - The Memorial Plaque
stone stand for a plaque
French Garden 4 modules
Bryce 7, format obj, texture or
French garden 7, cubes and sphères
Bryce 7, format obj, texture or
French garden 8, labyrinth
Bryce 7, format obj, texture or
French garden- Moon and Dandelions
Bryce 7, format obj, textures or
French garden volute
Bryce 7, format obj, textures or
Front Loader Washer & Dryer Set
DazStudio or
A set of winter props by Glitterati3D and jlk. Snowman, snowballs, pipe and ground props
Full Length Mirror for Poser 11
FX DAZ Studio
The product has twelve effects - Energy 01, Energy 02, Energy 03, Fire 01, Fire 02, Fire 03, Fog, Haze, Raindrops, Smoke 01, Smoke 02 and Smoke 03 for Daz Studio 4.7 Pro or above.


G8F porte manteau or
G8M porte manteau or
Galileo Thermometer
OBJ, and Bryce scene
The Gallows
gas boiler / chaudière à gaz
German Electrics
German Electrics
Double Socket, Socket and Switch as props for Poser and DAZ Studio, obj-files are also included. or
Get Your ROCKS!
Gilded Cage
Glass Perfume Bottles
Scaled properly for use with DAZ Figures. Material presets included. Unfortunately I don't know how to do glass shaders for 3DL, so this set is Iray only. or
glass_window for DAZ4.9 or
Globe of Death or
Globe of Death - Alternate Chassis
Glowy demo props for Superfly-P9/Pro2012+ Firefly
Claymore lightsabre, light bulb, Lightsabre MKlld dual root, Orb - biolumenescent, Orb - flame or
GWR Platform Ticket Machine or
Gyoshobako (Japanese peddler chest) (top of page)


Hair Straighteners
Half Moon
crescent moon (Direct link to the download)
Halloween Junkies 2014 Jack’s Container
plastic crate
Handbag1 Morph
Hangers / cintres
DazStudio or
Hanging Mail Holder (DS + OBJ) OR
Hanging Shirt by Camille Kleinman
Haunted mirror
Don't know if this idea is new or not but this is a cheaty mirror with variable reflection. duplicate and mirror your scene behind the prop for a poseable reflection or if you like, an altered reflection for a creepy scene. You could also have models pass through the mirror for added eeekkkk!! and this idea would also lend itself to a tv set for 'ring' type scenes
Haunted TV
This is a TV version of my haunted mirror
Heart & Star link to the download)
Heart Giftbox - free 3d model
Heart Hand Bag Daz 4.5
Daz Studio 4.5+ only OR
Hearts, a heart frame and heart mirror
Hex-2-Studio Primitives
DazStudio. A cone, cube, cylinder, dodecahedron, pyramid, sphere and tetrahedron, converted to Studio props for easy access. Sounds unnecessary, but as a Carrara user gives me quick access to simple, mapped primitives.
The Hole (second from bottom)
Hood System 1
DazStudio. A Dual Use Device - Hair Styling and Brain Washing
Hourglass shaped Sand Timer prop for Daz Studio

megaphone*/ link to the download)
Imbolc Decorations for DAZ Studio
Improved Yoga Box
There's a very old and not often seen stage illusion called the "Yoga Box." Here's an updated (and not entirely realistic) version. Comes as a DSON .duf, plus UV templates and sample texture maps, and .obj files in case you want to import it into something other than DAZ Studio. Includes base, removable walls, and blades. All pieces are parented to the base or the back, and can be moved or marked invisible in renders as desired.
industrial pipeline
OBJ. pipeline construction set
Ink Bottle
3D Studio (.3ds), AutoCAD Drawing (.dwg), DXF (.dxf), Hexagon (.hxn), OBJ (.obj)
A spear with horns and a skull and an arm bone decoration
ironing board \ table a repasser
DazStudio or


DazStudio or
"Jellyfish" (No Texture)
Bryce 7, 3ds


K9 TV set
Daz Studio or
Kiannas Physio Table
get the kinks out..... rack, instrument of torture
King of Nothing
surreal humanoid figure
King of The Deep Shell Throne for Daz Studio
Kitchen or bathroom waste bin / Poubelle swing
Daz Studio or
"Knot Collection" (Untextured)
Bryce 7, 3DS


Lab Equipment
OBJ format (fifth row from top, leftmost column)
obj & 3ds format
Ladder for Daz Studio
Large Rock 3
A large bolder from Planet Archipelago the zip file contains an obj, 3ds, fbx, and texture jpegs
Laticis Imagery FREE - Stone Throne
"Lattices" (No Textures)
Bryce 7, 3ds
Laundry Hamper
OBJ, Extra: a hanky and a towel; when loaded, should position themselves on the hamper, as shown in the promo's. Also included a disc with a texture of some laundry: FakeLaundry.obj It's up to you if you wish to position that behind the glass of the washers front door.
A Little Box - free Prop for Daz Studio
Locker / vestiaire
DazStudio or
Lollipops and Suckers for Daz Studio Iray
Long Tongue Prop - 100% FREE
The Long Walk OR
A lot of money!
DazStudio. A stack of US $100 bills. This stack contains 100 individually modeled US $100 bills. Wow! $10,000. You have a choice of having just a single bills, a stack of 10, and a stack of 100.
Money Add-on RMB 100 Yuan - DAZ Studio
magnifying glass
Lovelies In My Life – Small Heart Bag –
DazStudio. It comes with a vacuum bottle (thermos), in two versions.


Magic Wand
DazStudio Cosplay Modelled from the original Hitachi Magic Wand but as a wireless version. The Head, Neck and switch are parented to the body and posable. Different texture zones so You can chnge them just in case You don't like the original colors.
OBJ format (fifth row from top, rightmost column)
.blend, .3ds, .obj
Bryce 7, 3DS
MC Monster
*** uses rig/system in .fbx format *** zip file installs to/for carrara, but includes the .fbx file (which can be used in other 3d apps), the .obj/.mtl and corresponding color, normal, specular and displacement maps. the carrara character can be accessed from the content browser once imported.
mcjBdayCake and mcjCakeV2
DazStudio, Giant Pop Out Cake Prop, 2 versions
A geodesic sphere prop with inflatable apex balls.Bucky Ball Conversation piece or raspberry or futuristic dome. Geodesic sphere.
DazStudio, morphing picture frame
DazStudio. Feather Duster
DazStudio. Statue of Liberty torch
A set of moderately-low-poly lockers with animated doors and padlock
Measurement Bar
A simple measurement bar to help scale models to a certain body height. It's just a texture on a primitive but it works well. Just import the obj file with the setting "DAZ Studio (1 unit = 1 cm) and scale 100%. You can position and rotate it freely. It shows body height up to 200 cm. or
mechanical parts 1
mechanical parts 2
Mechanics Engine Hoist
Medieval Flags - Poseable
Medieval Hand Cart
Medieval keys
DazStudio or
Medievel Wooden Cart
Medjed, Egyptian Entity and Meme Star
Men's Bifold Wallet
Men's Stick Deodorant Model
Daz Studio only
"Messy FX" Set 1
Package includes: -2 "decal props" (flat, simple planes you can place on walls or floors) -- 60 decal materials (transparency masks in the shape of drips, splats, paint strokes, hand prints, & foot prints) -- 14 paint colors or choose your own -10 drip-shaped props & 8 splat-shaped props -- 14 paint materials for the shapes in colors that match my "Messy Painter" set. Set up in Poser Pro 11 but should work in earlier versions of Poser from 9 and up. Not tested in DAZ Studio but should work fine with manually-applied shaders. or
"Messy Painter" Props
Package includes 9 props, 110+ Firefly materials (w/ 1 clean & 14 "messy" paint colors for each prop), and 12 hand poses for V4 and M4. Also includes a set of Spec-Only and Preview-Only lights to help with IDL renders. Please view the ReadMe for tips on using the items in this set! or
Microphone Shure 55
DazStudio. Table microphone with height adjustment
DazStudio or
Midnight Pirate Beach Party
Ice Chest, Bottles of DireBrew beer, opened and closed, Jolly Roger beach towel, Bottle of Moonlight Glow Anti-Sun Lotion, endorsed by Elizabeth Báthory
DA-SunnyDays for Midnight Pirate Beach Party by AphoticInferno
toon-style bird (top of page)
A Large mirror for daz studio with I-ray. Mostly made to test If i can properly upload models to renderosity. As can be seen in the promo, the mirror material still requires tweaking.
mirror for DAZ 4.9
MMA Stairs
A morphing set of stairs for the MMA Cage in my store. The stairs are a single smart prop.
Mobile Shop Crane
DazStudio and OBJ
Mock's Grenades
Moon Generated From NASA Data
Moon Set
Moonlights Bird Fontaine
Moonlights Fairy Swing
More Bathroom Stuff
more parts 5
more parts 5 bladder and shredder
OBJ, industrial machinery
more parts 6
more parts 7
more parts 8
more parts shin and rough
OBJ, industrial machinery
Morphed Horn
animal horn, not a musical instrument
Morphed Horn smart propped for The Freak with Head Morphs:
Morphing Butterfly Lattice
morphing Pillow (top of page)
Morphing Scarf
Untextured shader friendly morphing prop clothing accessory for Daz Genesis 3 Female figures. Comes with draped pose matching morphs for four different pose sets. Use scaling and translation to fit over clothing.
Morphing Strip Cloth
Daz Studio: OR
Poser: OR
Morphing Track Pack or
Morphing Treasure Map
MoundRockyBDR201712 obj
Rock prop as obj format, 4 resolutions (low to hi) with texture
prop, Halloween
Mugshot Board for Poser


Natural rock arch
Sea arch 1 model in fbx,obj,3ds and dae plus textures
neon football helmet sign for Firefly and Superfly or


OBJ Zipper elements
Oil Barrel PBR
Files included = Autodesk FBX, Maya 2016 - Binary .mb and OBJ - Texture resolution = JPG 2048x2048. Total 15 Images - JPG. Maps: base color, metallic, normal, roughness & ambient occlusion maps.
Old Barber Pole
Old Phones and 1960s Office
Old stone cross
Old Time Western Bathtub
Olmec Head
One for the girlies!!
Nail polish bottle and removable top with brush. OBJ
Orange Island
Oval Mirror
Oval Table
Oxy-Acetylen Welder
Gas Welder


Park carousel
parking with angle
Pet Paraphenalia
A water bottle, a feeding bowl with rabbit pellets and a carrot.
Phone PZ3
Pickaxe Prop
Daz Studio:
Picture Frames
DazStudio, hxn, obj
The Pillow
pivoting barrier / barrière pivotante
DazStudio, includes 2 poses for Genesis 8 Female or Genesis 8 Male
Playground Slide
OBJ format (fourth row from bottom, rightmost column)
PlushToy Props
three bears (brown, blue, and panda), a bunny and a reindeer
The Pod
Pole House and Bench Exclusive
Polish nail
DazStudio. Nail Polish
Portal for The Story Of Rendo. It was created in Blender. The Zip Contains obj, fbx, blender file and image submitted to The Story of Rendo.
Inspired by the Story of Rendo Project. It's just my version of the Portal. It's an Obj and 3 textures for each part of the Portal.
Poser Bubbles
Poser Frames
Poser Shader Ball
Post office mailbox / Boite aux lettres
Daz Studio or
Power Ranger Lighspeed Morpher
Cosplay OBJ and 3DS
Pregnancy Test Prop for Daz Studio
Promotional Boxes
alarm clock
Arcade Machine. Ask me for the code here, I send it to you by email in your ShareCG account
Bird house
Wall clock
parking meter, park-o-meter
PsiBall for DAZ Studio




Rabbit hutch & bunny prop
Raft (second row from top, second column from the right)
RailRoad segment
Bryce 7, formars 3ds, obj, obp, textures or
A range of useful Daz Studio Props
Relaxing bath
INCLUDED IS: 1 bathtub prop, 1 bathtub water prop, 1 bathtub water bubbles prop, 1 genesis 3 female pose
ring beam prop
Cosplay Wonder Woman
Robot forearms in obj format
robot rider
Cosplay robot rider from HERO FORGE in OBJ format
Rock Hammer
OBJ or
Rusty junk set 3 or


Bryce 7, formats 3ds, obj, obp, texture, mat or
San Fran 49er neon football helmet sign
An active lightcaster (mesh light) prop for Poser Superfly and P9/Pro2012+ Firefly. P8/Pro2010 will only weakly cast light. P7/PoserPro and back to P5 can use the prop but with no lightcasting. For studios which can't load a PP2, there are OBJs with corresponding MTLs. or
Sandbag (small file size) or
Scaffolding Constructor
Scanner 3
DazStudio. Here is a scanner and a light case for viewing x-ray pictures or similar scans. Scanner, Light-Case and Pictures can be used alone or in combination with each other.
OBJ format (third row from bottom, leftmost column)
schoolbag / cartable
Briefcase, DazStudio or
Sci-Fi Goggles
Sci-Fi Object
Le seau
Security scanner
Server Backbone Equipment or Computer Server Cabinet (Poser)
3D Model of Server, Switch, Router Stack in Cabinet. Ideal for background computer scene prop. Illuminated lights and opening door. All groups have several material options for customisation. Tested in Poser Pro 11, 2014. or
Sewing Machine
OBJ format (third row from bottom, second column from right)
Sewing machine \Sewing machine
Ship/Submarine Mine
Bryce7, OBJ
shipping container
Shopping Cart
Available formats = Autodesk FBX, Maya 2016 - Binary .mb and OBJ
Shower cabin / Cabine de douche
DazStudio or
Textures pour Shower cabin / Cabine de douche or
Update Textures pour Shower cabin (Replace the file poignee_charnieres3.duf with the new (Missing file))
Shower cabin with curtain openable
DazStudio or
Textures pour Shower cabin curtain or
6_Poses_G3F / Shower cabin with curtain openable or
Update Shower cabin with curtain openable (Daz Studio only)
Shower curtain / Rideau de douche
DazStudio or
Shower curtain / Rideau de douche V2
DazStudio or
Textures pour Shower curtain / Rideau de douche V2 or
shower of sparks (e.g. from blowtorch or grinder)
or for oxyacetylen welder
OBJ. Card, Driver License?
OBJ format (third row from bottom, rightmost column)
Twist morph for Sign:
Sign o the past
DazStudio. Fantasy Notice Board.
Silver Surfboard
DazStudio, Poser with DSON. Cosplay Here it is, the famed surfboard of the Silver Surfer! This cosmic-powered board is what propells the former herald of Galactus throughout the cosmos, and now it can propel any character you dream of to anywhere your imagination cares to venture. While made for Daz Studio, this package also includes Poser files that utilize the DSON Importer.
Simple Bowl
A simple bowl with water I modeled in DazStudio. Textures handcrafted by me, optimized for IRAY and 3Delight, but I also tried to set up Poser Companion Files (DSON). Since I don't own Poser and thus can't check, manual tweaking for the materials may be needed. or
Simple Crescent Moon 2
Simple Sci fi panel
Simple Wall Clock
Simple Wringer Machine
slime prop
Cosplay Metal Slime
SM_Gift Flask
SM_ModPods Owl Perch
SM_Roasting Pan
Snow Bridge
One Bryce 7 file, and 1 3DS folder containg 9 separate objects.
Snowglobe Christmas freebie 2017
Snowglobe prop for DS. It comes with 4 extra morphs - Ornament Shape - Egg Shape - Bulb Shape - Glass Bigger, 1 Iray material set. Obj included in the Documents folder if you want to use it in other programs.
Soldering Iron
Soulbringer Staff link to the download)
Space Container Set 01
OBJ, spherical objects
Spore Game avatars PP2-For fan art only (file1)
Spore Game avatars PP2-For fan art only (file2)
Spore Game avatars PP2-For fan art only (file3)
Spore Game avatars PP2-For fan art only (file4)
Square Truss Straight Segment 021
OBJ. A staff for your witches, druids, wizards and fairies.
Staffs & Wands With Poses
two staffs; one wand; poses for Antonia, Dawn, Dusk, K4, Kiki, M4, Paul, Pauline, Rex, Roxie, V3, and V4
Star Prop for Daz Studio
steam gauge
Steampunko Stick
OBJ, Alternate Victorian Transport
The Step
stepladder / escabeau
Stone fireplace
There are 2 versions: one simple and another with woodshed.
stone-set for daz3d iray
Stone throne
Storage Box
Storage Box with Foam contents
OBJ with textures
Storefront Door 2.0
street for daz
2-way street with sidewalk (continuous and discontinuous line texture), 4-lane street with sidewalk, crossroad for 2-way street, crossroad for 4-way street
Street with angle parking
street with side parking
Street Light (OBJ & 3DS)
the strongbox
Student Art Horse
Summoner's Magic Scroll
Summoner's Witch Broom Exclusive or
SWT Power Pole (for Poser)
SwimRing Free 3D model
Swimming pool with diving board and ladder
DazStudio or


tbars construction elements
OBJ format (second row from bottom, rightmost column)
Test Subject
Arch, obj
Textoon "crunch!"
OBJ, magical artifact
3ds and obj, arabesque
Three (blank) Poser Posters (second row from top, rightmost column)
Tipjar for Daz Studio
Tissue Boxes or Tissue Boxes-4 Variations
four variations with several tissue shape morphs and a variety of textures for the boxes! Package includes four props in OBJ and PP2 format and 14+ Firefly materials in MT5 format. Set up in Poser Pro 11 but should work in earlier versions of Poser from 9 and up. Not tested in DAZ Studio. or
Slides. Dazstudio. 2 toboggans and 2 poses for G8F
Toon Collection 1
balloons and ribbons
Toon Collection 2
Toon Collection 3
Toon Collection 4
Toon concussion stars
Toon Floor
checkerboard floor prop
Toon Worm
Santa Sleigh or
Trash can prop for Poser
Formate .blend / .3ds / .obj, Texturen Diffuse Map / Normal Map / Specular Map
pz3. face only
OBJ. face only
Trump Baby Balloon
Model is in .obj and Bryce formats with texture maps and materials.
Turkey baster or eyedropper obj
Twin Dog House
A pair of Doghouse props for Poser 7+. Each house can be loaded separately or together.



3ds& obj.file, no textures
Valentine's Wand
Venetian blind / store vénitien
Vintage Spray Pump
Bryce7, OBJ
Voting booth / Isoloir
DazStudio or


waiting area with suitcase and bag
Walnut Dresser OR
Textures and Iray Materials included Daz Studio 4.9+
Watering can
A watering can in Toon style.
Wearing with pivoting caster wheels
Portant avec roulettes pivotantes (Rack with spinning wheels) DazStudio or
Rejuvenated an old model, a well, loosely based on a XVIIIth century well.
Wind Turbine
Vue, OBJ
obj file for a small wall with window and blinds created in Carrara. There are two versions included - one with the blinds undisturbed, and the other with some of them bent down to allow a figure to be peering discretely out from behind them.
Wireless spy microphone
Wood Box
Wooden ballot box.
3d model of a wooden ballot box. Similar urns served in Argentina at the beginning of the 20th century. Despite their primitive appearance, they never claimed to be illegal. With textures. In .obj format and packaged for Poser.
Wooden Barrell
Wooden Door props link to the download)
Wooden Pallet
Formate .blend / .3ds / .obj /.mtl /.abc Texturen Diffuse Map / Normal Map / Specular Map
Working Cuckoo Clock (third from bottom)


X7 5Point Star OBJ (10 polygons) Extended Licenses
X7 Free-curtain-c1
2 OBJ files
X7 Wall window curtain 101a



Non-Latin Alphabet

番傘(Japanese umbrella)