Quicksuit - DAZ Milbaby3

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Quicksuit - DAZ Milbaby3
Download Links
Main Site:https://www.sharecg.com/v/48064/
Other Information
Creator:Lyrra Madril
License:You CAN
  • Cut this mesh up and make clothing to GIVE AWAY
  • Distribute modified versions of this mesh in finished (rigged) free clothing sets
  • Use this mesh as a learning tool to see clean polygon placement for clothing models


  • Identify this mesh as the origin model, and Lyrra Madril as the creator of this quicksuit
  • Include a link to the download page of the Quicksuit in the readme of your mesh


  • Use this quicksuit for commercial models
  • Distribute this quicksuit as is
  • Charge for this mesh in any way
  • Use this mesh to create a new base figure
  • Convert this mesh to another figure
  • Convert or modify this mesh to make your own quicksuit, not even free

If You Want

  • You can purchase a commercial use License for this Quicksuit for US$5. Contact via messaging on whichever site you found this on.
I Would Appreciate If you sent me a link to what you've made, or add a link in the comments here. But you don't have to.
Needed:Millennium Baby 3
andany 3D modeling program

Quicksuit - DAZ Milbaby3 is a wardrobe starter mesh, created by Lyrra Madrilto ease creation of wardrobe for Millennium Baby 3.