RAF Desert and UK

RAF Desert and UK is a uniform modeled after those worn by the RAF during Gulf War I. It is not free, one can purchase a copy from Poser World.

RAF Desert and UK
Download Links
Main Site:https://poserworld.com/raf-desert-and-uk-am Apollo Maximus non-free content
Second Site:https://poserworld.com/raf-desert-and-uk-david David non-free content
Third Site:https://poserworld.com/raf-desert-and-uk-james James non-free content
Fourth Site:https://poserworld.com/raf-desert-and-uk-m3 Michael 3 non-free content
Fifth Site:https://poserworld.com/raf-desert-and-uk-sp3 Stephanie Petite 3 non-free content
Other Information
Creator:Poser World
License:Poser World 3D Royalty Free Use License
Needed:Any of Apollo Maximus, David 3, G2 James, Michael 3, or Stephanie Petite 3

The uniform includes pants, shirt and beret. Versions exist for Apollo Maximus, David 3, G2 James, Michael 3, and Stephanie Petite 3.

It is still available for former Lifetime Club Members of Poserworld here: https://3dfig.com/raf-desert-and-uk

Free resources for RAF Desert and UK include:
Denim for RAF Desert uniform from Poser World