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This is a list of links to pages that have been requested on this wiki but do not yet exist. If you have time, please consider creating one of these pages, copying the appropriate information from other parts of the wiki to the new page, and deleting the entry from this list.

Eventually, this page should go away. However, "eventually" may be months or years in the future. If you're a confirmed user here, you can help make this page go away faster by following a red link to create the matching page.

If you'd rather create a different page:

If the page exists, you'll be able to edit it (unless it's locked). If the page doesn't exist, you'll be able to create it (again, unless it's locked).

Please include the "Freebiebox" on figure and prop pages. This adds a common look to the wiki's pages, and lists the things most people will need to know about a figure (name, download link, license, and so on). The sidebar skeleton can be found at Template:Freebiebox.

Themed Pages[edit]


  • New Year's Resources - Western, Chinese, Japanese, etc.; one page or many?
  • Mardi Gras / Carnival of Venice Resources - one page or two?
  • Walpurgisnacht Resources (if any)
  • Yukka Nu Hii Resources (because the founding admin likes dragon boat races)
  • Tanabata Resources
  • "National Day" pages: Cinco de Mayo Resources, Bastille Day Resources, Canada Day Resources, July Fourth Resources, Guy Fawkes Night Resources, and so on - one page or many?

And if we're missing a holiday, add it to the list! Here's what we already have.


  • Natalia 3
    Cannot find this in a quick Web search, but can find Natalia 2
    Not sure if it is available anymore, no mention of it on Dacort's sites ( )