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Roadways (or other surfaces to drive on), buildings related to road transportation, and related set dressing.


10th Anniversary Freebie - Speedway Props


AtoZ DetailTime II Curbs Plus FREEBIE v1 from Tiger9166
AtoZ DetailTime II Curbs PLUS FREEBIE2 v1 from Tiger9166


Bac de Roda Bridge.
Bailey Bridge
A Bridge


Cross Road
Crossing sign
OBJ. UK school crossing sign...


Elevated roadways (search for "Raodways")


OBJ format (third row, second from right) OR
Fire Hydrant
Daz Studio only
FREE Hovering Traffic Sign v1 from Tiger9166


Germany Traffic/Road Signs Volume 1 or
Germany Traffic/Road Signs Volume 2
Maya format
OBJ and 3DS formats



Ligeia"s Highways & Byways
This pack started with my first public offering – a Route 66 sign (which is included here too). Inside you will find an odd collection of North American highway markers – many of which are historical in that the signs have been modernized – or the highways no longer exist. Like with my Route 66 pack, all the signs here come in two versions – one mounted on a signpost, and another with just the shield, suitable for mounting on the wall of your favorite tavern or teenager's room. As a bonus, I have also included a few random road signs. These have only the sign, although I have included a post that will line up with them when placed(sorry, mounting bolts not included), A few of the signs have alternate worn/clean textures, but you will have to apply those manually until I learn how to package my props for DAZ. All of the signs were created using Gimp, Blender, Wings3D and Inkscape – and then assembled in Daz. I am sure I could do most of it in Blender, but I have never been too big on reading manuals and my process now works well enough for me for now. You are free to use these signs any way you want for personal use, and commercial renders are OK as long you give me credit. The only restriction is that they are not to be redistributed in any manner without express approval from myself.
Ligeia's Roads of Europe Vol. I
This pack is the first in series of recreations of European street signs and other occasionally random street elements. First up are the cities of London and Paris. You will find landmarks from some of Ligiea's favorite spots - some new, some historical and even some fictional ones just for fun.




Open Road
six-lane highway


Road intersection
OBJ and 3DS formats
Road Sign FREE - Construction Series - from: Toger9166
Roundabout / Rond-point
Route 66 Highway Sign
There is both a pole mounted highway sign, and a version suitable for hanging on the wall of a roadside tavern. I have included a few alternate textures for the sign. They were assembled in DAZ but scaled for Poser import.


Small Safety Cone
Straight road
OBJ and 3DS formats
Street cones
OBJ and 3DS formats
Street Construction Set - Driveway Add-On
Street Construction Set - Four-Way Intersection
Street Construction Set - Street Lamps Add-On
Street Construction Set - Street Signs Add-On
Street Construction Set - T Intersection Add-On
Street Construction Set - Telephone Pole Add-On
Street Construction Set - UPDATE FIX - Phone Poles


Traffic cone
Traffic Light


USA Traffic/Road Signs Volume 1 or

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