RoseBand Prop

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RoseBand Prop

RoseBand on Rose
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Needed:Victoria 4

RoseBand Prop is a headband adorned with a rose and thorns, created by Mada for Victoria 4 (although it can be positioned and resized for any figure). It was the September 2008 freebie at Faerie Dreams.

The rose band comes in two forms, one with AO set on the materials for Poser 6+, and one without. Neither, however, has a library image included - to correct this issue in Poser, simply fit it to your favorite character, and re-save it to the library to create the library image. In Daz Studio, fit it to a character and render a 91x91 pixel image in PNG format, and save the render to the directory that holds the prop file with the same name as the prop file (and the PNG extension).