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Sara 2, wearing Koz's Short Hair SR-1 and TinkerBell pixie dress.
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Not to be confused with Sera or Saru.

Sara is a toon-style young-adult figure, created by DarkWhisper at 3D Universe and "partly inspired by the now famous GIRL figure by Kim Goossens". Version 2 of Sara was released for free in November 2003 and is still available through the Internet Archive's copy of the old DAZ3D forum. She was poorly-received at the time, and official support for her stopped in July 2004.

The base download includes only the figure. Sara 2 can wear Sara 1's clothing, and vice-versa.

(Note that the downloads are Windows executables or Macintosh StuffIt files, not zip files. Also, the link to "Sara Template (MAC)" does not work. The Windows installers were intended for Windows 2000 or earlier; when you run the Windows installers under XP or later, you'll get a security warning that the publisher could not be verified. The remaining Stuffit file was meant for pre-OSX Macintosh computers. Smith Micro has free software that will "unstuff" a Stuffit file, for Macintosh and Windows.)

Free resources for Sara 2 include:

Mixed Content[edit]

A.k.a. "items that need to be indexed here"

3dSC Native American Project ~ add-ons
3dSC Fairytale Project ~ add-ons
3dSC - Christmas Project 2004


Sara 1.5 (top of page)
shoe fix for 3dUniverse Sara

Faces and Morphs[edit]

Alien Woman character for 3D Universe Sara figure.
Girlish morphs for Sara
makes Sara look more like The G.I.R.L.
Lee, male character for Sara
Sara 221
morphs Sara 2's face to make her look like Sara 1 (second from bottom)
For Sara1 .. body morph will work if transferred to Sara2

Poses and Expressions[edit]

4 fantasy poses for Sara (section "Poses for Other Characters")
10 Toon Expressions for Original Sara


Resources for Paid Hair[edit]


Babydoll for Sara
Boots for Sara (ghastley)
Boots for Sara (PickersAngel) (second from bottom)
Leotard for Sara
Mini-Skirt for SARA
Mini-Top for Sara
Retro Sara
dress, hat, belt, purse, and shoes (bottom of page)
Sara Boots
Sara Croft
Cosplay: Lara Croft from Tomb Raider (top of page)
Textures - Sara Croft (by posfan):
Textures - Sara Croft (by AN-Didda):
Sara Earrings (second from bottom, right column)
Sara Necklace (second from bottom, left column)
Sara on Ice
skates, dress, and tights (second from top)
Sara Ring
gold band with a single pearl (bottom of page, left column)
Sara Sandals (third from bottom, left column)
Sara Shorts (second from top, right column)
Jeanstextur for Shorts: (third from top, right column)
Sara Skirt (second from top, left column)
Jeanstextur for Skirt: (third from top, left column)
Sara Top 01 (top of page, left column)
Summer 4 Sara :
Sara Top 02 (top of page, right column)
Summer 4 Sara :
Sara Watch (bottom of page, right column)
Sara's Ballgown
Sara's FantasyTop Freebie (top of page)
Sara's Long Morphing Dress
18th Century style textures by FrogLace Studios:
Sara's Sexy Stuff (bottom of page)
Summer 4 Sara :

Wardrobe Textures[edit]

Sara Fairy Dress - Teal texture
for the Fairy Dress and wings at 3D Sara Creations downloads
16 textures for the Morphing Long Dress from 3d Sara Creations


Character Textures, Materials and Shaders[edit]

Drow Skin Shaders for Sara
4 funky eye textures for Sara
Hedina for 3D Sara
Merilee Xmas Textures and MAT files for Sara
Native American Sisters
Add-On for 3DSC Native American Project.
RoboSara (3rd download).