Sassy Fashion: SF29

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Sassy Fashion: SF29
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Main Site:No longer legally available see description non-free content
Other Information
License:PoserAddicts LLC - Product License (EULA)
Needed:Any of Aiko 3, Stephanie Petite 3, Victoria 3, or Victoria 4

Sassy Fashion: SF29 for Aiko 3 is a sleeveless, strapless "babydoll" minidress made by Royloo. The various versions are not free; one can purchase copies from PoserAddicts.

Versions that did exist for these figures:

  • Aiko 3
  • Stephanie Petite 3
  • Victoria 3
  • Victoria 4

Free resources for Sassy Fashion: SF29 include:
Gogo Set 1 for Royloo's SF29
SF29 Springtime