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Scampixie Pranx
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Creator:elleque , trumarcar

Scampixie Pranx (or Pranx for short) is an anime-style pixie figure from Renderosity. The figure is not free - one could purchase a copy of the figure from Renderosity. See Scampixie Pranx 2 for the newest version of Pranx

Elleque offers additional resources for Scampixie Pranx (including "Pedantic Kid", which has free textures listed here) - Access to the freebies if you have a valid copy of the product can be made by referring to elleque's blog for more information.

Free resources for Scampixie Pranx include:

Materials and Shaders[edit]

Scampie Animal SkinTones


Trixie can wear Pranx's wardrobe.

Scampie Hoodie
Trumarcar's Scampie Hoodie:
Trumarcar's Scampie Hoodie - 3 Pack:

Textures for Paid Wardrobe[edit]

Pendantic Kid :: Long Sleeve Shirt
for elleque's “Pedantic Kid”
Scampixie Adventures
for Scampixie Adventure and Scampixie Adventure Addon


Textures for Paid Hair[edit]


Beach Fun for Scampixies

Mixed Content[edit]

(a.k.a. "pages that haven't been indexed here yet")

KCTC: Pranx's Corner
ten pages of resources
TreasureChest: Scampixies
Scampie Party Princess (party dress, princess dress, tiara, sash and apron)
Scampie Hoodie (hoodie and pants)
Scampie Ski (jacket, boots, skis, and poles)
In The Dark (textures for the paid BLACK CAT for Scampixie Pranx)
Riding Outfit (long skirt, blouse, cravat, rose decorations and riding crop)
Scampie Dungarees
Shorts and Top
Cotton Print (three colours for Elleque's "Liberty Flora" outfit)
Pretty Boots (two versions)
Summer Hues (colours for Spring Shoes)
Sleepy Scampie part three (snuggly bodysuit, with hood, mittens and boots)
Sleepy Scampie part two (dressing gown)
Sleepy Scampie (nightdress and slippers)
Scampie Swimwear (one-piece swimsuit and swim ring)
Scampie Easter (outfit with hat, basket, and eggs)
Scampie Shoes
Scampie Spring (two Spring skirts)
Scampie Sandals
Erudite (textures for Elleque's "Pedantic Kid," includes a top hat)
Scampie Faerie (refit of the faerie outfit for Maddie)
Scrummy Faerie
Blingy Boots (textures for Bossy Boots)
Scampie Jeans
Scampie Tshirts
Celebrate! (Mardi Gras and St. Patrick's Day textures for the Balloon Suit, Clown Cap and Elf Shoes)
Snuggly Shoes (textures for Sensible Shoes)
New Shoes (textures for Sensible Shoes)
Snuggly Coats (textures for Pranx's minicoat and boa boots)
Pranx Valentine (two Valentine card props; a red-on-white heart texture for the Balloon suit, cap and elf shoes; and "kissing" poses)