This is the top-level list of lists of free scenes. In order to provide some chance of finding an appropriate scene, the list has been divided into three broad categories:

There are also some specialized lists of scenes:

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Resources for paid scenes Edit

AJ Futuristic Base 2
AJ Futuristic Base 2 is part of the added with Poser 11.2
Superfly MC6 for AppleJack's Futuristic Base 2 or
AJ SciFi Corridor 3
AJ SciFi Corridor 3 - Iray Materials
AJ Tree House 2
Included with the Content added with Poser 11.2
Lightcaster MAT for -AppleJack-'s Treehouse 2 Dual root materials optimized for Poser 11+ Superfly and for P9+ Firefly. The lamp props will actually light the scene! Includes a few extra props. or
Gumdrops: Mille Delices Dark Library
Dark Library Set Up for Daz Studio or
DS Camera Presets for PowerTown
Urban Future 2
P12 Superfly version of Stonemason's Urban Future 2 or