Seadog Hair

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Seadog Hair
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Creator:Chris Cox
License:"These files may be redistributed freely as long as they remain truly free (if you need to purchase something else to get the files then the files are not truly free). May be used for any renders"
Needed:any of Michael 3, Michael 4, Victoria 3, or Victoria 4

Seadog Hair is a prop scraggly hairdo with a bandana, created by Chris Cox for Michael 3, Michael 4, Victoria 3, and Victoria 4.

This hair is not conforming - you need to parent it to the figure's head. (Since this is not conforming hair, it can be scaled to any figure's head.)

The download includes four MATs for the hair (black, blond, brown, and gray) and three MATs for the bandana (black with a skull-and-crossbones, linen, and red-and-yellow).