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This is the big list for free materials and shaders.

Materials for particular free figures, wardrobe items, props, and scenes are listed with those free resources. Materials for particular hairdos are listed on their own page.

Other materials and shaders are listed here, under "Other Links".

Eventually, we'll split this page into smaller, more specific lists. (The obvious possibility is three pages: materials, Poser shaders, and Daz Studio shaders.)

Tutorials and Utilities[edit]

SnowSultan's Seam Guides
for making your own materials
Versatile Shader System for Poser
the Versatile Shader System by Bagginsbill

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3 types of rockshaders (Iray)
3Delight SSS Human Shader
3DL Autoglass Rain Shader
7 Simple Bump Maps [Poser]
34 Sheer Ethereal Shimmer Shaders - FREE
DazStudio or
45 Chiffon Fabric Shaders
131 Poser Materials
169 Assorted Materials
404 Poser Materials
This is a collection of 404 different poser materials. Some are new and some are improved from earlier sets that I have created. This set can be used to replace any earlier material set you may have downloaded from me. These materials may be used to colour market sets (characters, props, etc) and may be included in any market set that is not a set of materials. You may not charge extra for any materials included from this set in a market product. No credit need be given for the use of these materials when using them to add colour options to a market set.


AA Satin Dot Shaders for Daz Studio - Iray or Satin Dot Shaders (Iray Only) Unavailable
Advanced Shaders 1.5
AllenArt Drinking Glass prop for Iray with shaders
A drinking glass prop with straw, ice cubes, liquid and a separate carbonated bubbles prop for DS Iradium 4.8+ with shaders. No 3Delight shaders are included.
AllenArt Iray Gelatin/Gel Shaders for Daz Studio
AllenArt Iray Gemstone Shaders
AllenArt Iray Lamé Shaders for DS
AllenArt Iray Metallic Pattern Fabric Shaders DS
AllenArt Iray Pearl Shaders
AllenArt Pearl Shaders for Firefly
AllenArt Shimmery Sheer Fabric - Iray or Shimmery Sheer Fabrics for DS (Iray Only)
Angela3D's Iray Stone Shaders Vol. 1
Angela3D's Iray Stone Shaders Vol. 2
Anime Skin Tone Shaders
5 Anime Skin Tone Shaders (3Delight)
AOA: Choco Skin Shader
Asphalt Seamless pattern
Merchant resource that can be used to create your Free/Commercial projects. But you can not use my resources to create similar products. Tiles size is 1024x1024px, saved as .jpg files format, 300 dpi. Each til has unique design, no recolors. Tiles are seamless. You will get 8 seamless patterns.
Autoglass Rain Shader
DazStudio, Iray
The Autumn Collection
AWE Hair shader
A Marschner melanin based hair shader for 3Delight in DAZ Studio 4.7 onwards. Works best with AWE Shading Kit and the included 3Delight scripted renderer option available in the kit. Packaged as a DIM compatible installer. If you want a manual install, you will need to extract the files and place them manually inside both your runtime folders (presets) and DAZ studio 'Program Files' folder (support files).
AWE Surface Shader - a new physically plausible shader for DAZ Studio and 3delight or or


Ballet poses and Iray Satin shaders
Basic Shader Pack for Poser
Botanical Pattern Iray Shader Set - For Daz
BRW Daz|Studio Halloween Shader Freebie


The Camo Collection
Carpets 101 for Daz Studio 4.12+
DazStudio, Iray. Requires VMaterials from Nvidia, download links in Readme
Cel Toon Hair for Visual Style Shaders
Chainmail shader for DS3
Clear Plastic Tubing Iray shader
Clothes - Easy MATs 1
Romance Colors or
Clothes - Easy MATs 2
Tru Blue Colors or
Clothes - Easy MATs 3
Warm Sunset Colors or
Clothes - Easy MATs 4
Wild Forest Colors or
Clothes - Easy MATs 5
Science Fiction Colors or
Clothes - Easy MATs 6
Casual Sepia Colors or
Colors 4 Toon Renders - Poser 10 or
Concrete 101
DazStudio, Iray


D|S Noir Shaders, the original Noir Shader Kit
Daz Studio only
D|S Noir shaders, Noir Expansion #1:
D|S Noir shaders, Noir Expansion #2:
Daz IRay Auto Paint 1 Shader Presets
Daz IRay Auto Paint 2 Shader Presets
Daz IRay Auto Paint 3 Shader Presets
DAZ Iray car related shader presets 'megapack'
DAZ Studio *IRAY* Car Paint #2
DAZ Studio *IRAY* leather shaders
Denim and Polo
Depth Shader Snippet (Shader Mixer, DAZStudio 4.5)
Daz Studio only
DS 4.8 Iray Ghost Shader


ED's Brick Shader (Iray)


Fabrics 101
DazStudio, Iray. Requires VMaterials from Nvidia
Fantasy Diffuse Colors
8 IRAY Toon Fantasy Tones Shaders
Fisty's Liquids - DS Shaders & Poser MT5s
DS files are shader presets for DS 3+ (DSA files), they likely won't work at all in Iray. Poser files are MT5 material presets and work fine in P5+ It includes 3 props: a puddle, a wine glass, and a 360 environment.
Floral Pattern Iray Shader Set - For Daz or Floral Shader Set - FREE or
Flower & Heart Shader Set For Mother's Day or Floral & Hearts Shader Set - FREE
DazStudio or
Free Christmas Iray Shaders
Free Lace Iray Shaders
Free Marble Texure
Free Sci Shader presets for Daz Studio
FreeBass MAT Palette
It's a tool to catalog &/ or compare up to 36 individual MATs on a single prop. Use it for creatin', storin', viewin', & test renderin' yr MATs. As a added bonus, the Poser MATs shown in the promo image are all included (although the prop itself loads w/ all MAT Zones set to Neutral Grey). And of course it works In DS, but as always I haven't included any DS Shaders. I'm sure ya can find/ create some, though :)


Ghostship SSS Skin shader
Glass Shader Presets for Daz Studio
Gothic Iray Shader Set - Crosses Set 1 - For Daz
Gothic Shader Set 2- For Daz3D - Iray/3Delight/Octane
Greendragons lycra shader
12 Lycra Shader for 3delight


Happy Halloween
honeycomb shader for daz 4.5 OR


Iray Base Color Shader Presets
Iray Fur Shaders
IRAY Glass Shaders
Iray Glowing Toon Shaders
Iray Green Water Shaders
Iray halloween shader
iRay Realistic Seamless Carpet Shader
Iray Latex Shader Presets Pack
Iray Metal Shaders DS 4.8
Iray Nobiax Shaders for Daz
Iray Saffron Shader Kit
This kit includes: - 1 Iray Saffron Shader - 2 Metal Shaders - 1 Black Rubber Shader - 3 Light Shaders (Redlight, Greenlight, Orangelight) - 1 Headlights Shader
Iray Skin Shader for Daz Studio
IRAY Wood Shaders (v2)


Jewelry Shaders for DS Iray


Kawaii Sweets - Set 1 - Shader Materials For Daz or
Kiss-Kiss Iray Material preset
Koli textures Pack 01 (second from top)
KYO’s Superfly materials 01 - Rosy -



Marble Shader Preset for Daz Studio 4.8
Mardi Gras Kit
2 Crown Decorations, 2 Ceramic Mask Decorations, 11 Feathers, 6 512x512 Seamless tiles, 1 512x512 Seamless Harlequin tile, 4 500x500 Seamless Faux Sequin tiles, & a lot more
3 Mask blank bases so you can design/embellish/paint your own custom mask decorations
material sampler for the Poser 11 construct enviro
Metallic Shaders
Daz Studio only
Metals 101
DazStudio, Iray. Requires VMaterials from Nvidia
Metals Mats
metal swirl texture
Microfibershader / Iray
Military paint shaders for DAZ Studio *IRAY*
Molten for pwSurface
Mosaic MT5 For Poser
MYKT Tiny Varied Bundle - January
This is a minimum tiny size package of ambient lights and shaders for iray. Here you will find -02 Basic Metallic shaders, (you can change the base color for many options) -02 Environment maps for Iray or


Natural Dyes Digital Cloth


On The Boil Soup Textures for Primitives
The textures are set up for 3Delight and use AoA's Subsurface Shader, but again, these are textures for the cylinder primitive... I expect they can be converted to Iray easily enough. I've also included files for the Poser folks.
OneMap Iray Skin shader
All you need is a diffuse map! Apply shader to any skin or skin-like texture, copy the same maps over to Top Coat Bump map, and you are done.


Party time ( textures )
Pavement Cafe Props- Pavement
This is not a free 2D resource. Do not include any files of this package in your project planed to distribute. Use only to make your rendering images. paved Stones Shader for Superfly of Poser 11 and for Iray of Daz Studio 4.9. Shader presets are prepared to be applied to a plane object about 5m square. I also prepared a preset to apply for Poser’s Construct.
Pinstripes for Poser
!Portrait Studio Party Ballon and glass materials
Poser 11 Super PBR Shader
Poser 11 Superfly Dielectric Shader version 2
Poser 11 Superfly Uber Shader 1
Poser Wax Firefly and Superfly
Poser - Christmas materials
Poser Superfly Metal Shaders P11+ or
Poser Superfly Velvet Materials 11+ or
PRA - Physical Surface Shaders
Poser 11
Prime Knits
Poser materials
Procedural Materials


Radials for pwSurface
RAMWorks ShinyShaders
Realistic Glass Shader with Absorption
DazStudio 3delight
REC Plushie Shaders for DS 3.1 +
Reflection Maps
rock materials for poser
RubberLatex shaders
Daz Studio only
DazStudio Iray


This is a preset for Omnifreaker's UberSurface shader for Daz Studio.
Semi Precious Gemstones Shaders
Poser 9+/2012+
Sha's Shaders
The set includes chrome, gold, silver, latex, satin, glass and water. These are for DazStudio, an older version (2.3 I think), but they should still work.
Sha's Shaders 2
Shader for broken Glass (Iray)
Shader "Marquee" for Iray and 3DL
Shadowhawks Water Flower Floor Tile
DazStudio Iray
Sheer Chiffon Iray Shader Set or 45 Sheer Chiffon Shaders - FREE or or
Shimmery Sheer Fabrics II
Shiny PVC Latex Shaders for Iray
The Silk Collection
Silky - 72 materials for Poser (link fixed)
Silly Shaders for Poser 11 +
Simple iRay GhostLights Shader
Simple Water Surface Shader for Daz Studio
Simply Silky
Small Bundle O20
Female Plus 2.0, is quick update for another free article that I published earlier. Sliding morphs are included morphs for head, body and both, this works only in g8f (not required to have the previous morph), 04 tileable shaders that can be used as fabrics, 01 tileable shader with metallic effect, 02 hdr light (not seamless), 03 hdr rotation options + draw dome on/off
Snakeskin by Carl Schou
some more materialshaders (Iray)
Some Poser Firefly Ground Shaders
38 sequined Iray fabrics on dark background with 5 tiling options and 3 bump options.
Stitch Witch Starter pack 01
Merchant Resource; previously a paid item at Renderosity
The Suede Collection
Superfly dynamic hair shaders or
Superfly material sampler
SynfulMindz Fishnets Freebie
for Iray, mapless snow shader based on the weighted model, using backscattering and metallic flakes


Teal Emissive Shaders
DazStudio, Iray
Texture Shaders
DazStudio, Iray
Timey Wimey Christmas Freebie
True Mirror - iRay
TS Shaders 1
Poser 6+, also has materials for Phoebe's Digital Diva outfit
TS Shaders 2
Poser 6+
TS Shaders 3
Poser 6+, also has materials for Bot-Boi


Ultimate Shader Pack for DAZ Studio UPDATED_2011
3Delight. All of the previously released shader presets in one easy package including the new "Fast Metal" shaders and the ultra-rare "Alien Skin". NEW!!!! Updated for 2011 to include Acrylic/Glass FX shaders - Original Chrome and Golddust Metal Shaders, Leather and Spandex, Ultra-Rare Alien Skin, All-new Fast Metals


VB SuperShaders Free CarPaint shader
Poser11 SuperFly render engine
Velvet and Fur shaders for DAZ Studio
for Daz Studio 2+
Velvety Shaders
Daz Studio only
The Velvet Collection
Velvet Iray Shaders
Daz Studio
vMaterials 1.5 AEC IRay Shaders
vMaterials - Design v1-5 Iray Shaders
Here is the rest of the newer 1.5 vMaterials.
VRX iRay Skin Shader
Daz Studio


Wagasani's Mirror Shader
Daz Studio, Iray
Water Texture Maps
An experimental wetshader for Iray, usable on any clothes...
Will Timmins' Procedural Shaders
Willbear 3DL Terrain Shader
This 3DL shader for Daz Studio has two layers, the default and then a set of 'top' channels mixed based on Normals. Minimum and Maximum Slope define the range over which the surface switches from the regular layer to the top layer. The 'top' layer will appear on the surfaces facing upward, while the rest appears along the sides (or underneath the object). A value of 1 faces upward, 0 sideways, and -1 downward. The broader the range between minimum and maximum, the gentler the transition. Feel free to plug in whatever textures you want. Presets and some basic terrain textures are provided to start you out.
Working Digital Clock Texture
Poser. The texture file 'white countdown.jpg' and python script should be in the same folder. Don't forget to refresh the materials folder in the library palette, so the new Digital Clock folder will show up.
WTP2 - Will Timmins' Perlin Shaders for Iray
WTP3: Will Timmins' Procedural Shaders for Iray
Documentation is available here: