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Free ship and boat models

Ancient and Medieval vessels[edit]

2ème radeau
DazStudio. Raft
Cook's Kinneret Boat Model - Full Sail Version
This is a high resolution model of the Kinneret Boat reconstructed from the archeological remains of the ancient fishing boat found on the northwest shore of the Sea of Galilee in Israel in 1986. This is the "Full Sail" version of the boat, and it is in *.obj file format.
Cook's Kinneret Boat - Furled Sail Version
This version of the Kinneret Boat has a furled sail. This is a model in *.obj file format. The sail would have been "furled" - pulled up onto the yard arm by four lines called "halyards" when the boat was being rowed, or when it was docked or moored. The sail, in those days, would have been made of simple woven, but relatively stiff materials, so it does not fold up nicely when "furled." In this case, the furled sail here also is being disturbed by a small amount of wind. This version of the boat adds a second type of fish basket, one woven of simple wooden staves. It also adds a high resolution oil lamp made of clay. This is the type of lamp that was common in this era. This oil lamp has raised outlines of a fish design on its surface, an oil liquid, and a flame and wick.
Kinneret Boat - Simple Rock Jetty
Daz Studio- The Black Pearl or or
Egyptboot fuer Poser or
Hatsepshut's Ship
3DS format
No longer available
medieval river ship
Old Japanese Town Edo vol1_Add On
Edo-era yakatabune
also includes tatami-matted floor, paper lantern, grilled fish meal, Sake bottle & cup, ozen table
DazStudio raft or
radeau / raft
Raft (second row from top, second column from the right)
OBJ or
Roman Galley
OBJ or
Shipwreck with Barrel for Poser
wooden raft with wine barrels underneath, raft in 2 versions with or without sail
Viking Ship
3DS format

Fantasy themed[edit]

Dazstudio Iray Ferry-Boat
The last ride with the ferryman costs 2 coins, so that he brings you across the river of death.
Elven and unicorn skiffs (poser version) (Vue version)
Elven Dragonship (Wavefront OBJ model) (Vue version)
Elven Grey Ship for Poser Superfly or
Elven Row Boat OR
elven skiff sailboat for Poser Superfly or
Fantasy Submarine
3DS format
No longer available
Fantasy Submarine (2)
3DS format
Grey Havens and Grey Ship for Poser Superfly or Elven grey ship and Grey Havens for Poser Superfly
Includes grey ship, with both "slack" (docked in port) and "underway" shapes for the pennant and sail. Includes bow wave and trailing wake for depicting the ship at sea. Includes volumetric sea (one for in harbor, one for open sea scenes), and a skydome with a haze ring to soften the boundary between sky and sea. Includes the Grey Havens port, buildings and terrain. One preload PP2 will load Lisa Buckalew's trees and flowers into the planter boxes, if you have those models; otherwise, add whatever trees/flowers you have in your library. or
Senya's submarine
Steampunk submarine
Withywindle ferryboat
Withywindle ferry boat for Poser Superfly or

Naval vessels[edit]

Essex-class aircraft carrier
FFG Low poly version
3DS format
No longer available
Hurricane Aircat prop for Poser
Kagero class destroyer (bottom of page)
No longer available
Landing Craft Assault
New Orleans class heavy cruiser
Patrol boat
3DS format
Russian armored boat
Daz Studio Russian WWII armored boat ("a river tank" project 1125)
SMS Emden rendered in Vue by Glaseye
SMS Emden, WW1 German Scout Cruiser
Steam Motor Launch (early 1900's 'run-about' for larger vessels)
U-Boot Type VII
USS Amphitrite (BM-2), Coastal Defense Monitor (WW1 configuration)
USS Chicago (CA-29)
USS Connecticut (BB-18), Pre-Dreadnaught Battleship
USS Minnesota (BB-22), Pre-Dreadnaught Battleship
USS Virginia (BB-13)
USS Wilkes (DD-67), WW1 4-piper Destroyer
Yamato Mark 1
Modern variant of WWII JIN battleship Yamato.

Sail boats/Sailing ships[edit]

Baby Joe
Black Jack
Don Gor
Don Gor II
The Prince William
Dutch galleon
Sailing boat PP
Sailing boat V2 / bateau à voile
Sailing boatt / bateau à voile
Van Gor

Passenger Vessels[edit]

Caribean[sic] Princess
modern cruise liner
Louisiana Princess (Mississippi steamer)
River Steamer


Cartoon submarine (Designer01)
The Mary Ann
A futuristic minisub. Obj Format.


Hovercraft II

Other vessels[edit]

The African Queen
3DS format
Amazon riverboat Micaela II or
Asiatisches Flussboot
Asiatic punt
barque / Boat
DazStudio. Rowing boat
Bass Boat and Trailer
PZ3. Fishing boat
Boat prop with two surfaces
Deutscher Fischkutter
Poser, Obj, German fishing trawler, Nets can be drained
Dingy (Inflatable Watercraft)
1970s-era small cabin cruiser, OBJ or Bryce format
Faehre der Binnenschiffahrt in Deutschland
car ferry
Fantasy Yacht
Fishing boat rendered in DAZ-Studio by Glaseye
Fishing boat (Wavefront OBJ model) (Bryce model)
Flat bottom boat
Free small metal boat
Harbour Lightship, Floating Lighthouse
Jetski Predator
Ocean Cargo Ship
OBJ, complete with UV Map and Textures
Openfish 1
Péniche - River barge
pusher craft / Schubschiff
Rowboat and Oars
No longer available
Bryce 7, formats 3ds, obj, obp, textures (materials not included) or
Texaco Ship
3DS format
No longer available
Wooden boat
Autodesk FBX, OBJ (.obj)

Accessories for Ships and Boats[edit]

Outboard prop for Poser or Daz Studio