Short Hair Evolution

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Short Hair Evolution
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Needed:any of Koshini, Sara, Stephanie Petite 3, Victoria 1-2, or Victoria 3

Short Hair Evolution is a cross between a curtained cut and a bob cut hairdo, created by Kozaburo for Koshini, Sara, Stephanie Petite 3, Victoria 1-2, and Victoria 3. A version for P6 Jessi, named Short Hair Evo_Jessi.hr2 comes with Poser.


Free resources for Short Hair Evolution include:


Poser5 FireFly rendering TIP


Antonia Hair Fit, "ShortHairEvo-Fit"
Fits Kozaburo's "Short Hair Evo_Jessi.hr2" to the Antonia figure by means of a PMD morph injection.
C1 - Short Hair Evo
Hair Fit - The Kids 4
Hairs fits for Sadie,Kozaburo hairs,Kozaburo-hairs
Little One - HairFits (Direct link to the download)


8 Textures for Short Hair Evolution by Kozaburo
Celeb 2010 - Day 21 - Celeb for Koz Short Hair Evo
Koz Short Hair Evolution
Natural Hair Colors for Kozaburo's Short Hair Evo
Textures for Koz's Short Evo