This is a list (W.I.P.) for free models of 'modern' small arms.
For human-powered hand-held weaponry, see Ancient and Medieval weaponry.

Hand-held energy weapons, including energy swords, are listed on the various SF Resources pages,

Pistols Edit

Barbossa's Pistol for Dazstudio Iray
Early 18th Century English Dragoon Pistol for DAZ Studio
Handgun with Suppressor
DazStudio or
Smokin Aces 191
OBJ only

Fictional Pistols Edit

Freebie: An Amazing Stylized Sci-Fi Gun And Bullets!
Freebie: Awesome Stylized High Poly Rifle Model

Revolvers Edit

Rifles and Carbines Edit

Charleville rifle 1777
Blender (.blend, .egg), OBJ (.obj) or

Fictional Rifles and Carbines Edit

Sub-Machineguns and Machineguns Edit

Prohibition Corner for DAZ
- a still - a case of Canadian syrup - a table - a bottle - a Thomson machine gun - a Borsalino hat or

Other Weapons Edit

Fictional Other Weapons Edit

Ammunition and Spent Casings Edit

Other Related Props Edit

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Notes Edit

  1. 1.0 1.1 1.2 1.3 1.4 These might be real-world firearms; anyone who knows for sure is invited to confirm or refute this suggestion for each weapon.