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This is the list of free software that is usable with (or during) the 3D-art creation process. If we get enough entries in a particular group, we'll create a sub-page for the group.

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3D Art Creation


Border Overlay Pro (POSER)
Carousel ( Poser Only )
Create a 40 frame animation which rotates your figure 360 Degrees allowing you to see it from every side. or
Change image filter (updated)
Copy FBMs helper ("Copy Morphs From...") *updated*
Works from P10 -> P11
Copy List of FBMs
Works from P10 -> P11
Copy Paste Morphs Deltas *updated*
D3D Pythons
12 Free Poser Python Scripts [dead link]
Daz3d Pose Converter (Standalone)
Simple script that converts daz3D poses files from a model to another. Supported models are currently G1, G2, G3, G8. For now it comes as a Windows exe, I'll share source python code as soon as I'll have time to clean up the code^^
easy DoF for Poser (Updated P11 & minor bug fix) or
Expression Master & Border Overlay (POSER)
Freazypose (prototype0.06)
A simple script for Poser 9(PP2012) upwards* to add the standard Ajax EasyPose style controls to any figure. (Yes, I've checked with Ajax, the originator of EasyPose and the creator of EasyPose Underground, and he's happy for me to release this as a freebie!)
Image Info, script for poser
Image Lister (updated)
List Custom PBMs (for biscuits)
DazStudio. mcjTransExpress was created to transfer expression animations from Genesis 1 to Genmesis 2,3,4 but it should also let you transfer between any Genesis figures
MDD Importer for DAZ Studio 4.6[dead link]
Mirror Eyes for poser
Mirror My Pose (POSER)
A POSER mirror script which works with weightmapped characters and has been tested on various characters, Dawn, Dusk, V4, M4, Roxie, Rex and Star. It has NOT been tested on anything Genesis. There is a minor issue with eyes on the hivewire characters if you use the CTRL morphs to pose them, but it works fine if you set the poses using the actual dials. or
Next camera/previous camera script
DazStudio. Scripts with icons to step through the scene's cameras, forwards or backwards.
OptionScript ( for Kalypso )
Poser Only - Random pose script
Poser Python-Morph&FBM_Pose
saves dial-spun characters as pose files
Poser Python Remove AO Script
PoserPython Vol I
set of 8 scripts
PP2 Exporter v2.1a for Daz Studio, OBJ Model to Poser Prop
The easiest automated way to convert OBJ format models into PP2 format Poser props using Daz Studio 4.10 or higher.
Reset Figure
Poser or
Scale And Drop To Floor (Updated)
Search and select surfaces in DAZ Studio
Set shadows to Raytrace
Sun-Sky Time for Iray
Switch off emissive lights
Richard Haseltine, DazStudio
TDMT Morph Transfer
"TDMT is a PoserPython script set which allows transfer of morphs between actors with incompatible geometries."
TerrainMaker script
This Python script uses the built-in Python Image Library (PIL) and geometry-creation methods in Poser 9 or later (P9, Pro 2012, P10, Pro 2014, P11) to read an image map in PNG or BMP format and, based on the grayscale values of that map, build a polygon mesh with the lighter pixels being raised and the darker ones being lowered from the average. A plain black or white map would of course be flat, but a grayscale image with features painted on will generate a three-dimensional 64x64 mesh within your Poser scene that can be used for a landscape (or saved to the Props library, exported for use in other applications, etc.)
Toggle IDL / SSS Poser Python Script
Toggle IK Pack
Toggle Light Emitter Script
XLC - eXtended Light Control for Poser 8 / Pro 2010
Zero Dials

Utility Software

CR2 Editor 1.51 or
Eye & Jaw Morph Fixer for Face Morphs
The Eye & Jaw Morph Fixer will correct warped morphs exported from tools such as FaceGen Artist or HeadShop for Daz Studio 4.x. Tools like FaceGen Artist or HeadShop can create realistic face morphs, but they may warp the eyes, jaw, and tongue in the process. This tool will zero out the morph deltas for the eyes, jaw, and tongue, so they are no longer warped. The tool also keeps the original scale and centers of each eye. This tool is free! (Windows 32/64-bit)
Geometry Stripper (Windows Application)
pulls geometry out of a PP2 file, saves geometry as an OBJ file (or a set of OBJ files), and puts pointers to the OBJs in the PP2s.
Windows software - batch image format converter
MC6/MT5 to PZ2 Batch Converter
Morph Manager 4 or
OBJAction Mover
Used for many older file encodings, especially against Poser 4 content OBJs. Limited to OBJ morphs only. or
Objaction Scaler 3c
Objaction Scaler is a Windows tool which facilitates the transfer of .obj files between Poser and other 3D packages such as Studio Max and RDS5. Objects within Poser are much smaller than in other 3D packages, by a factor of around a thousand or so. This can lead to problems either with minuscule objects in Max and RDS5, or brobdingnagian objects in Poser. In either case bizarre results can arise when editing or manipulating the objects. The use of Objaction to either reduce or enlarge the object prior to transfer eliminates these problems.
PoserPorter Import Export Utility
Windows software - content installer/exporter
RSR to PNG Converter
Windows software - Converts RSR images in older freebies (and other products) to PNG images so they may be previewed in the library pane. Not necessary with Poser 8 or earlier, as they convert RSR automatically when the library folder is opened.

Content Converters

Autodesk FBX Converter
Model format-conversion software. Converts OBJ, DXF, DAE, and 3DS to or from FBX.
MC6/MT5 to PZ2 Batch Converter
Model format-conversion software. Import: PLY, STL, OFF, OBJ, 3DS, COLLADA, PTX, V3D, PTS, APTS, XYZ, GTS, TRI, ASC, X3D, X3DV, VRML, ALN - Export:PLY, STL, OFF, OBJ, 3DS, COLLADA, VRML, DXF, GTS, U3D, IDTF, X3D
Model format-conversion software. Imports Wavefront (OBJ & MTL), 3D studio (3DS), LightWave (LWO), AutoCAD (DXF), POV-Ray 3.X mesh or mesh2, VRML (WRL, GZ), and Raw Triangle (RAW); exports Wavefront (OBJ & MTL) and many formats not directly usable by Poser or Daz Studio.

Content Creation

Art of Illusion
requires Java 6 or later (Windows or Linux) or OS X 10.6 or later (Mac) OR
Blender Wiki:
Wings 3D

Postwork Software

The GNU Image Manipulation Program is a freeware image-modification program, very useful for postwork.

Software Collections

ShareCG: Software
DAZ3D discussion forum: [LINKS] Archive of useful standalone 2D and DAZ & Poser tools