Space Fleet Officer Faces

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This is a Cosplay resource.
It is known to be patterned after a celebrity, a trademarked image, or something from a work of fiction.
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Space Fleet Officer Faces

Janice Rand
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License:Unknown - none listed on the download page
Needed:Michael 3 and Victoria 3

Space Fleet Officer Faces is a set of face morphs, designed by Mylochka to make Michael 3 and Victoria 3 look like various actors playing characters in the television series Star Trek. Thus, it is a cosplay resource of famous people; all caveats apply to its use.

The set includes these face morphs:

  • Majel Barrett playing Christine Chapel
  • James Doohan playing Montgomery Scott
  • Bruce Hyde playing Kevin Riley
  • DeForest Kelley playing Leonard McCoy
  • Nichelle Nichols playing Uhura
  • Leonard Nimoy playing Spock
  • William Shatner playing James T. Kirk
  • George Takei playing Sulu
  • Grace Lee Whitney playing Janice Rand

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