Spiral Twin Tail For BJD Add On

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Spiral Twin Tail For BJD Add On
SpiralTwinTail for BJD
Ball Joint Doll, character and clothes textures are SickenlySweete's Sunflower Sue, hair is Spiral Twin Tail For BJD Add On
Download Links
Main Site:http://studiomaya3d.com/ballljointdoll.html (top row, right column)
Other Information
License:"This pack may be used without restriction as long as you do not resell or redistribute it for free, you may not include it (in whole or in part) in CD Collection. You can use it only for your own creations, personal and/or commercial."
Needed:Ball Joint Doll
andSM_Spiral Twin Tail (No longer legally available)

Spiral Twin Tail For BJD Add On is a hair fit for the SM_Spiral Twin Tail (No longer legally available), which is a twin-tail hairdo with the twin tails in ringlets, created for Ball Joint Doll by MayaX.