Stahlratte´s Girl3

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Stahlratte´s Girl3
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Main Site:Wayback Machine
Other Information
License:No commercial use.
Needed:Aiko 3
andThe Girl 3
andMorph Manager 4

Stahlratte´s Girl3 is a fusion character of Aiko 3 body and The Girl 3 head. It was created by Stahlratte. GIRL 3 is a GIRL/AIKO 3 hybrid. She is double RTE-Encoded so you must own The GIRL and AIKO 3 to use her. Instructions on how to decode the files is given in the GIRL 3 REAMDMEFIRST file. She can use any Unimesh textures (V3, Aiko 3, Sp3, etc) and can use all the GIRL head morphs as well as AIKO body morphs after transferring the morphs using Morph Manager 4. She can wear Aiko clothing. Stahlratte's Girl3 was hosted on Planit 3D.

RTEncoder and Morph Manager 4 are required in order to add this resource to your runtime.