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This is a list of Cosplay resources.
The resources listed here are known to be patterned after celebrities, trademarked images, things from works of fiction, or a combination of these groups.
Poser and Daz Free Resources recommends using Cosplay resources only in non-commercial works.

Free resources for Star Trek renders. Note that these should be used for non-commercial works only, unless you happen to be Gene Roddenberry.

NOTE: This list does not make use of the list on the DAZ3D forums; it is being compiled independently.

Loik Space Uniform.


For space scenes:

For scenes focusing on people:



Angry pointy eared aliem zap pistol
Romulan sidearm
Included in the 3D&D Klingon set
C3 pulse plama rifle
KHAN-era Trek Weapon
Klingon Disruptor
Included in the 3D&D Klingon set
Laser Pistols - Early 23rd Century - OBJ
Mirror Universe Dagger
Dagger & Sheath
TOS Mirror Universe/Gamesters of Triskelion
MM JJ Blades
occupation weapons ( updated )
ridgy headed alien tickle stick
Klingon dagger
Hand Phaser Type I (TOS phaser type 1)
Phaser Combo (TOS phaser type 2)
SFMC Energy Knife
non-canon lightsword or
Star Tracky Phaser
TOS; OBJ file (second row, left column)
Star Trek Phaser
TNG 'dustbuster' Type 2 phaser. Obj format.
Star Trek Into Darkness Phaser - DAZ Studio
Starship Props
ENT; communicator, scanner, and phase pistol
TOS Phaser Rifle
Type 1 phaser
Star Trek TNG Phaser Type 1 Cricket for Poser and Daz Studio
DS9 Jem'Hadar Rifle .duf and .pp2 model


Commbadges have their own page.

1701-E chairs
23rd Century flashlight
An obj file representing a TOS style-flashlight.
24th Century Tricorder for M4/V4
24th Century Wheelchair
Alien Instrument
Inspired by several music instrument seen in TOS
Borg Alcove for Poser
A futuristic bottle. UV Mapped
Bruffy Chair II
An improved (and standalone) version of the other Bruffy chair. TMP era.
Cargo Transporter
Desktop Monitor
"The Cage" era style. Obj file
Doomsday Machine
EMH Mobile Emitter
Futuristic Hallways (for Poser)
Horgahn from Risa[sic]
An Obj file representing the alien from "Devil in the Dark"
Hypospray 2364
Klingon accessoires [sic]
Klingon Belt Buckle (TOS)
Klingon Chair
Klingon Logo
3ds, lwo, obj
Klingon viewscreen
MARS Viewer from 'The Cage'
Medical Tricorder v2.1
Mirror fleet pins
Mirror Universe accesories (Poser)
Nova Trek attic
A miscellaneous set of Props in obj format used in the TOS portions of the Nova Trek webcomic
Operator Chair For 23rd Century Spaceship Bridge
Ptrope - Bruffy chair
A chair that goes with the TMP Cabin Package
Rank Pins for ST II Uniform
While thought for the ST II textures for EZ Casual V4 suit, it can be used with others.
ridgy headed alien swag
Klingon landing-party gear
Romulan Ale
Romulan Cloaking Device
Romulan Work Station
Saurian Brandy
includes hand poses for Michael 3 and Victoria 3
Shuttle Crew
For the TOS Shuttle(s) available in Trekmeshes for Poser
Sims style wrist flashlight
Spacefleet Insignias and rank symbols
Geordi´s Visor
Star Ship Fonts
Star Trek 1 - 3 Enterprise Bridge
Here is an old work in progress. Star Trek Motion Picture Bridge. All wall sections have the Y axis centered on the bridge and are modular for repositioning. This is far from complete, but may be a helpfull item for someone who would like to use parts or complete it themselves.
3DS and OBJ
Star Trek 1 - 3 Enterprise Chair
Star Trek The Motion Picture bridge chair. This item is rigged as a Poser compatible figure with swiveling armrests as shown in the images. It is also compatible with Daz Studio.
Star Trek Credits
Star Trek DS9 Cassetta di Sicurezza Ferengi con delle Barre Isolineari Cardassiane
A Ferengi Safe with Cardassian Isolinear chips.
Star Trek DS9 PADD Bajoriano
Daz Studio format. Page in Italian
Star Trek Into Darkness Communicator - DAZ Studio
Star Trek Into Darkness Tricorder - DAZ Studio or
Star Trek TOS PADD ('clipboard')
Star Trek - TOS, Tricoder
Starfleet Chair
TOS Federation
TOS Tailback Chair
Starship Props
ENT; communicator, scanner, and phase pistol
3 Futuristic Games for P6
TNG Padd
TNG Tricorder
TOS Captain's Chair
TOS Communicator
TOS Klingon Kommand Seat
TOS-era Trek Medical Props
Transporter Effects Prop
TNG Transporter FX
TOS Transporter FX
trek tools
tricorder, communicator, and phaser
Triangular Doorway
Vulcan Equipment
Star Trek Enterprise


Wardrobe textures are listed on the Wardrobe page.

Character Textures[edit]

Other Free Textures[edit]

Textures for Paid Resources[edit]

Alien Crowd
for M.O.M Crowd generator
DART WarpPack
for PtropeAerospace DART
ST Voyager for G3M Supersuit (part 1) and (part 2)
Star Trek Uniforms G8F
for Super Hero Suit for Genesis 8 Female(s)
includes 4 Star Trek Voyager, 4 Star Trek Next Generation, 4 Star Trek Original Series
STO LMFlyer Jacket M4V4 for ST:Enterprise
for Flyer Jacket for M4 and V4
Vulcan Crowd for MOM Crowd
for M.O.M Crowd generator


the false balok

Character Morphs[edit]

There might be morphs listed on Famous People that should also be listed here.


Space Opera Alien V 0.02
Spock for M4
TNG Girls for V4
Beverly Crusher and Deanna Troi
V4 Tpol


Big Ears for the G clan - basically a re-up
Cosplay Star Trek Ferengi Geografts
Efindel's Vulcan Ears for V4
Efindel's Vulcan Ears for M4
La Femme Klingon Head Morph
Imperial Alien for Dawn
Imperial Alien for Genesis
Imperial Alien for Genesis 2 Male
Imperial Alien Ears and Forehead for Genesis 3 Female
Klingon Headmorph for V4
A 'softer' version of the klingon riges morphsimilar to the one seen on B'elanna Torres in Voyager and Chancellor Azetbur in Star Trek VI
Freebie: ED's Talosian Headmorph for G8 (m/f) or


Poses for Fon[edit]

Poses for Michael 3[edit]

Poses for Michael 4[edit]

Poses for Victoria 3[edit]

Poses for Victoria 4[edit]

Multiple Items[edit]

These need to be indexed here...

Federation spacecraft
Star Trek Mesh Collection

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