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This is a list of Cosplay resources.
The resources listed here are known to be patterned after celebrities, trademarked images, things from works of fiction, or a combination of these groups.
Poser and Daz Free Resources recommends using Cosplay resources only in non-commercial works.

Free scenes and set dressing resources for Star Trek renders. Note that these should be used for non-commercial works only, unless you happen to be Gene Roddenberry.

NOTE: This list does not make use of the list on the DAZ3D forums; it is being compiled independently.

NOTE: We are aware of resources where the download pages say they were exported from Star Trek: Bridge Commander. According to the licence for Star Trek: Bridge Commander, distribution of exported elements is not permitted. Therefore, those downloads are not listed here.


Original Series[edit]

Including the earlier movies

Amok Time Arena- Obj
Captains chair- StarTrek
TOS-era Federation
Cochrane's Hut
Collected TMP Torpedo Room
Digital Explorations Basic TOS sets (OBJ)
Doesn't includes the bridge or
Digital Explorations Brahe class Shuttle (OBJ)
Based on a TAS shuttle. Includes a cockpit model. or
Digital Explorations Brahe Shuttle chair (OBJ)
Chair for the Brahe class shuttle cockpit. or
Dome Sweet Dome
Guardian of Forever
Miranda Class Starship Bridge
The ST II Reliant bridge. OBJ and DAE format. Some assembly required or
Officers' Lounge
Movie era (can be used also in TNG era renders)
Regula One Transporter Console
ST Movie-era Computers
OBJ format
Star Trek 1 - 3 Enterprise Bridge
The TMP bridge (OBJ format). Some Assembly required.
Star Trek 1 - 3 Enterprise Chair For Daz Studio
A chair from the TMP bridge rigged in DAZ Studio. It also includes a "broken" Poser version
Star Trek TOS Main Engineering (DXP)
Starship Torpedo Room OBJ
TOS movies
TMP Cabin package
Some assembly required. PTrope Bruffy's chair is intended to go with this.
TMP Corridor kit
TMP Corridor kit 2
Additional corridor sections (you need the first part for the textures)
TMP Engine Room
TMP Turbolift
Goes with the TMP Corridor kits
TOS Movie-era Food Replicator
Turbolift Doors
Goes with the TMP Corridor kits
Vulcan Sculpture
Seen on the TAS episode "Yesteryear"

Next Generation[edit]

1701-E Corridors Sections
1701-E Engineering Section
Admiral's office
Collected Starfleet Memorial Gardens
Futuristic Hallways (for Poser)
Galaxy-class Ready Room
Guest Quarters - Turbolift add ons
NG Turbolift
TMP Transport Room LW
TMP Transporter Room
Trek Corridor Kit
Voyager Holodeck


high council chambers
K'Ting-class Bridge
K´tinga OBJ Bridge Set
Klingon Transporter
As seen in STar Trek III



Atmospheric Sensor Platform
Based on the mining drill platform of the 2009 movie
Collected NG Romulan Bridge
TNG era. PZ3 and Obj files
Collected Romulan BOP Bridge
TOS era. PZ3 and Obj files
Romulan Corridor
TOS Era. Includes a security office and a detention cell
Romulan Transporter Room
TOS era



Talos IV background
TMP Backgrounds
Vulcan Scenes

Textures for Paid Scenes[edit]

Defiant Bridge Texture Add-On
for the paid Starship Bridge 6 (for Poser)
Enterprise-D Texture Add-On
for the paid Starship Engineering Room 2 (for Poser)
Enterprise-D Texture Add-On
for the paid Starship Bridge 8 (for Poser)
Excelsior textures
For the paid Starship Bridge 3
Klingon Bird of Prey Add-On
for the paid Starship Bridge 10 (for Poser)
NX-01 Enterprise Texture Set
for the paid Starship Bridge (for Poser). The textures are for Bridge 1
Romulan Texture Add-On
for the paid Starship Bridge 11 (for Poser)
Starship Bridge 12 Add-On 1 (for DAZ Studio)
for the paid Starship Bridge 12 (for DAZ Studio)


Spaceship Officers Quarters OBJ

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