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This is a list of Cosplay resources.
The resources listed here are known to be patterned after celebrities, trademarked images, things from works of fiction, or a combination of these groups.
Poser and Daz Free Resources recommends using Cosplay resources only in non-commercial works.

Free spaceship and space-station props for Star Trek renders. Note that these should be used for non-commercial works only, unless you happen to be Gene Roddenberry.

NOTE: This list does not make use of the list on the DAZ3D forums; it is being compiled independently.



Borg Cube 2 for Poser
Borg Cube 3 for Poser
Borg Cube for Poser
Borg Diamond for Poser
Borg Obelisk for Poser
Borg Sphere for Poser


Galor Class for Poser
Hebitian Class for Poser


Dominion Battleship for Poser
Jem'Hadar Fighter for Poser



Includes The Original Series and The Animated Series

Archer Class Scout Ship (TOS)
from the Vanguard novel series
Baud Class for Poser
Botnay Bay for poser
Crossbow-class starship
Detroyat Class for Poser
Enigma Class for Poser
Federation Cargo Drone for Poser
Hermes Class for Poser
Iowa Class for Poser
Lor Vela Class for Poser
Medusan Class for Poser
Miranda Class Alternative
3DS format. Bit of a mix in style between classic and Kelvin
Not JJ Enterprise
3DS format. Bit of a mix in style between classic and Kelvin
Pilot Constitution Class for Poser
Prime Timeline USS KELVIN
Prologic's SS BotanyBay for Poser
Ptolemy Class for Poser
Reimagined CONNIE - Poser
Constitution class
Shuttle Galileo for poser
Space Tug for Poser
Swordfish Class for poser
TOS Cargo Ship for Poser
TOS Constellation Class for poser
TOS Enterprise for Poser
TOS Miranda Class for Poser
TOS Saladin Class for poser
TOS Trek-era Civilian Space craft
A civilian spacecraft for the TOS era. It has two configuration and includes poses for V3, M3, V4 and M4, a cockpit prop and textures.
TOS USS Miranda
USS Carmen
OBJ format; "My version of a TOS Miranda Class starship"
USS Entente for Poser
USS Federation
USS Pioneer for Poser

TOS Movie era[edit]

Ships from Star Trek I to VI (and the opening sequence of Generations). Includes some ships from the TNG era whose style clearly belong here (like the Constellation Class), and the Phase 2 designs.

OBJ format
Constellation Class
Enterprise B for Poser
Enterprise Refit for Poser
Miranda Class
3DS format. A Excelsior-era tug
Oberth Class for Poser
Phase 2 Lexington for Poser
Phase 2 Travel Pod for Poser
Soyuz Class for Poser
Starfleet Life Pod
TOS movie era
TMP Enterprise for poser
TMP Era Shuttlecraft
TMP Travel Pod for Poser
TMP Workbee for Poser
U.S.S. Reliant NCC 1864
OBJ format
USS Akyazi for Poser
USS Excelsior (for DAZ Studio) or
USS Excelsior for Poser
USS Excelsior (for Poser) or
USS Excelsior ncc 2000
OBJ format
USS Highland
USS Reliant for Poser
USS Reliant for Poser
USS Vanguard


Includes ships from The Next Generation, Deep Space Nine and Voyager.

Apollo class spaceship
A textured obj model Apollo class spaceship NCC-10570 from Star Trek. Think of a Nebula-style counterpart of the Ambassador class (Enterprise-C).
The ARGO for Poser
Ascension Class Starship
OBJ format: OR (second from bottom)
Poser format: or
Centaur Class for DAZ Studio or or
Chaffee Shuttle for Poser
Challenger Class
Cheyenne Class
Dawnstar for Poser
Defiant Class Starship for Poser
Delta Flyer for Poser
Enterprise 1701-E for Poser
Enterprise D for Poser
Enterprise-D for Poser
Saucer section does not seperate.
Excalibur for Poser
Galaxy Class Refit for Poser
Hawking Class Starship
OBJ format OR (third from top)
Poser format: or
Insignia Class Starship
OBJ format: (second from top)
Poser format: or
Interceptor Class for Poser or
Magellan Class or
Miranda2 for Poser
Norway class for Daz Studio 4.7 UPDATED or
Nova Class for Poser
Prometheus NX 59650
OBJ format
Prometheus class USS COnstitution or
Saber Class for DAZ 4.6 or or
Saber Class spaceship Yeager ncc 61947
Shark Starship (for Poser)
non-canon, static prop
Shuttlecraft Type 5
OBJ format
Spacecraft for Poser Trekkers - UPDATED
shuttlecraft, scaled to Poser characters
U.S.S. Equinox NCC 72381
A textured .obj model of the spaceship U.S.S. Equinox NCC 72381,from Star Trek.
U.S.S. Volga
USS Allura for Poser
USS Cantell for Poser
USS Defiant
USS Diligent
USS Enterprise 1701-C (for DAZ Studio) or
USS Enterprise 1701-C (for Poser) or
USS Enterprise 1701-D (for DAZ Studio) or
USS Enterprise 1701-D (for Poser) or
USS Excalibur
non-canon, static prop
USS Farragut for Poser
USS Resurection for Poser
USS Sutherland/USS Phoenix for Poser
USS Voyager for Poser
Voyager NCC-74656
OBJ format
Weyland Type4 Shuttle for Poser


Ships belonging to the Star Trek: Enterprise series.

NX Shuttle Pod for Poser
NX-05 for Poser

Kelvin Timeline[edit]

Ships that appeared or are inspired by the last series of movies.

JJ Shuttle Craft for Poser
Madman's JJ Enterprise
Madman's Mad Universe Drydock for Poser
Madman's USS Antares for Poser
Madman's USS Archon for Poser
Madman's USS Constellation for Poser
Madman's USS Defiant for Poser
Madman's USS Ganymede for poser
Madman's USS Metaluna for poser
Madman's USS Reliant for Poser
Madman's USS Valiant for Poser
NCC-1701 (JJ) by Chikan (OBJ Conversion)
OBJ format
USS Franklin
OBJ format. Needs registering.
OBJ format


Ships from the newest Star Trek series.

USS Discovery (for DAZ Studio) or or
USS Discovery (for Poser) or or
USS Enterprise (for Poser)
NCC-1701, Star Trek Discovery version or or
USS Enterprise (for DAZ Studio)
NCC-1701, Star Trek Discovery version or or


Between Enterprise and The Original Series, doesn't include Discovery, but it includes Masao Okazaki Starfleet Museum ships.

Al Burak Class for Poser
Daedalus Class for Poser
Lancaster Class for Poser
Moskva Class for Poser
A 3D model of Masao Okazaki Wasp Class. A conversion from a David Metlesits model
USS Daedalus for Poser


What doesn't belong to the other categories.

OBJ format; Trek inspired
USS Valour
OBJ format; Trek inspired


K'Tinga class Cruiser
The ubiquitous Klingon ship
Klingon Bird of Prey for Poser
Klingon Bird of Prey (for Poser) or or
Klingon Bird of Prey (for DAZ Studio) or or
Klingon D5 class spaceship
OBJ format
Klingon D7 Battle Crusier
OBJ format; TOS
Klingon D7 Battle Crusier
OBJ format; TOS, "Poser Ready"
Klingon D7 for Poser
Klingon K'tinga class spaceship
OBJ format
Klingon Vor'cha Attack Cruiser for Poser
Klingon Vorcha like Spaceship
OBJ format
Madman's JJ Warbird for Poser
OBJ format
Negh Var class klingon spaceship
Prologic's D7 Battle Cruiser for Poser
Prologic's K'tinga Battle Cruiser for Poser



Atolm's Romulan BOP for Poser
Madman's Romulan Cruiser
Modified Bird of Prey by Mdbruffy
Romulan Bird of Prey for Poser
Romulan Kerchan Warbird for Poser
Romulan shuttles
Romulan Warbird for Poser
Romulan Warbird Valdore for Poser
Scimitar for Poser
TOS Romulan Bird of Prey




Marquis Raider
Maquis raider
V'ger 3
OBJ format



Deep Space Nine for Poser
DS9 (reduced) Obj


Alexandria Station for Poser
Drydocks for Poser
Earth Spacedock for Poser
G Type Starbase for Poser
Jupiter Station for Poser
Madman's JJ Starbase for Poser
Nemesis Drydock
Orbital Office Complex for Poser
Phase 2 Orbital Office for Poser
Regula One for Poser
Starbase K7
Starbase Vanguard for Poser
TMP Drydock for poser

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