StephVskin UVS

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StephVskin UVS

Stephanie 1 with Ectascy's Sasha texture. Stephanie 1's morphs added back into the StephVskin cr2 and 3Dream's Stephanie1 morph from Old morphs, poses and Skin maps
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License:"May be used for commercial and non commercial renders but may not be redistributed in whole or in part."
Needed:UV Mapper
andStephanie 1
andany of Victoria 1-2's textures

StephVskin UVS is a utility UV remap, using UV Mapper created by AprilYSH to let Stephanie 1 use textures created for Victoria 1-2. AprilYSH removed all of the morphs from the cr2, so if you want to use Stephanie's characters you will have to add the Stephanie morphs back into the cr2. To do this you will need Stephanie 1 and the software Morph Manager 4.